17 February

 I posted this a few years ago on my facebook page.

Lucky me...I live in a house by the sea 

and the window sills are littered with shells, 

and sea glass, and driftwood, and bits of twine.....

 One of my favorite parts of working with toddlers 

-other than all the hugs and kisses and laughter

is how sweet they are.

This delicious box of chocolates is from one of my little students.


my poor mum fell and broke her hip on MLK day.

She spent about 3 weeks in the hospital and rehab

and has been home a few weeks now

but cannot go upstairs.

She's sleeping on her couch in the living room.

Yesterday I took a picture of her bedroom for her....

she hasn't seen it in over a month.

Bonnie and Verne came down to visit my mum yesterday!

I had taken the day off to drive her to the Dr. 

and they were able to meet us at her house when we got home!

She was so excited!

He's getting so playful!

Every time I see him I more deeply in love!

He's just about 17 pounds now, he eats oatmeal, and he's 4 months old.

Friday fave fives
Willy nilly Friday


  1. What a Terrific Young Man!
    Ya know, that beautiful picture of your mom's room will encourage her to heal faster -
    Good Week to YOU!

  2. Verne is adorable. Sorry to hear about your Mom. I bet she was thrilled to see your daughter and Verne. Little folks are the best! I have all of the shells I collected when I live "on the water". Fun! Have a lovely week.

  3. that face had to have cheered your mom up! he gets cuter every second...i love that you took a picture of your mom's bedroom for her to see :) i hope she is back to normal soon! thanks for linking and have a great weekend!

  4. Hope your mom is feeling better. I'm sure seeing you all cheered her up - that is a wonderful photo of your precious grandson!

  5. Oh, so cute...he would make anyone happy.


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