10 February

I got a chance to go see Verne on Saturday.

He's 17 pounds now and has just started eating some cereal!

Sunday was the Superbowl and wow!

What a game!!


Tuesday I watched the parade from work.

I was dry and warm as it passed by the windows in the art studio!

They say there were over a million people on the streets of Boston

and I believe it! 

It was crazy!


Saturday morning I picked Joe up from the train station

and we stopped at 40 steps to see the sun come up.


Thursday we had a nor'easter here.

This is the view from my desk window as I watched the snow starting to come down.

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  1. you probably had the best view of the parade and yes, what a game! how fun that baby verne is moving on to cereal! i heard you got a bunch of snow up there...pretty view from your desk! thank you for linking and have a great weekend :)

  2. Oh wow! Those guys were out on that float with NO shirts on! Congrats to the Patriots!
    Your sunrise view was beautiful! And of course, nothing is more beautiful than a little one!

  3. Always good to have a cuddle with a grandson and nice to be able to watch the parade from the warmth of your workplace.

  4. snow... I heard that you were getting snow. So sorry but happy you got out earlier.

  5. It looks like you've had some great times this week. And Verne's a little cutie - that expression is like he's saying "I'll let you hold me, but there's no way I'm moving my thumb". #PhotoFriday

  6. What a sweet photo with Verne. Glad you had a warm spot inside to watch the parade go by. I love window decorations by your desk!

  7. Beautiful baby! I didn't even watch the super bowl this year. I think that's the first time ever. Sounds like I missed a great game.

  8. Love that first shot and the third!

  9. yay for the Patriots!! my hubby sure was happy!

    yes we got the tail of your nor easter here in eastern NY....we were hoking that winter finally arrived and gave us 7 inches ofmthe white stuff.....first significant snow all winter!

    the baby is getting so big!

    enjoy a cozy weekend

  10. It's been a good week for you!

  11. Wow, Verne is a growing boy! So sweet. Beautiful sunrise!


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