18 January

my mum took a fall the other day

on her way into the market

she was looking at the shelves just inside of the door

she wanted a single roll

to make a fish sandwich for her dinner

which is really rather silly 

because she said she had misplaced 

the fish she bought at the market earlier in the day

She remembers it all wrapped up nicely....

but doesn't have any idea where she put it down.

either way -she fell 

and had to have help getting back up

onto a bench with a nice gentleman

who sat with her till the ambulance arrived and got her to hospital.

After a very long night in the ER

it was announced that she had fractured and chipped her hip

and though she doesn't need surgery she will have to spend some time in a rehab

because she can't walk at all or even put any weight upon it. 


So my brother and sis and I have started to think about such things as 

the stairs in her town house

and all those sorts of things

and though we are taking things one day at a time

and everyone is in pretty good spirits

there is still the stuff one thinks of in the backs of all our minds

And my brother calling to say he's just leaving

and me rushing out in the rain to say goodnight to her

and bring her an extra pair of socks
and this is the poem I thought of 

which I wrote years ago

Her mother had said the rose of sharon marked the end of summer

and now she knew that it was true.

it was at the old house that she had said it 

there the rose of sharon grew at the end of the driveway and was white

or such a shade of pale pink it was hardly even pink at all

 this year she noticed the rose of sharon was purple

and remembered about the poem she had read back then about the old lady that shall wear purple

would it be like that for her mother

now that she was getting older

now that she was more than a pale shade of it

more than the pink you could hardly see

do other girls feel their mother's aging like

rose of sharon

and remember the words that they heard once

in their mother's garden

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