17 January

B is for....

boys and blue things and beaches

of a Sunday afternoon

we bundled up and walked the beach

scrambling over the rocks and skipping stones at the shore line

we came across the blue thing


imprinted on it was the only clue as to what it was 

as the bulk of it was buried in the sand

First Joey tried to pull it out of the sand 

he found a stick and wrapped the yellow rope around it to get a good grip

older brother Jack came along and tried as well

They even tried working together....

after a bit they decided to catch up to dad

who used the opportunity to discuss

the irony of American corporations trashing the beach

dug into the sand so deep that even working together we can't pull it out





  1. It's a beautiful walk and the find created a good lesson for the boys/

  2. Lovely to see you again in Nature Notes! ..what a wonderful place for children to explore. Adorable! ... Sorry they couldn't pull it out. There is so much trash in the sea causing problems for wildlife....Michelle


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Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
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