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1 January

Y is for...Year


I love you
Joe and I got married on 2 May, 2016.
At the Town Hall on this rather tiny sort of an island where we live. 

still laughing
I walked the beach one summer's day while Joe and the boys climbed a cliff
They waved to me from the top
 It looked like the YMCA song

winter wonderland
We didn't have a lot of snow in 2016
but we did have some beautiful sunsets

 my beautiful grandson, Verne
 born on 12 October, 2016

a Saturday afternoon in bean-town

I was inspired
I went to the In Bloom Conference 
over the summer. It was held at the Antioch university campus
in Shelburne, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain.
I was inspired to be a better teacher.
In March I started working at a new job
teaching toddlers at Bright Horizons at Beacon Hill.
I absolutely love it. 

spring fever
I happened upon some toadstools growing
along the forest path
I stopped and made a fairy castle wonderland.

travel or vacation We went to a family reunion in June
and …

30 December

From the parking structure at the train stop
I can see out over the Atlantic to the rather tiny almost an island where I live
sometimes there is a ship or two sailing past on the horizon
on their way into Boston....just like me.

the Sweet shop
around the corner from Beacon Hill
 all decorated like a magical faerie land for Christmas
and filled with chocolates and goodies!! 

It seems like the Advent season and Christmas flew by this year!
I put all the Christmas things away on Monday. 
I normally wait till closer to New Year's but the tree was dying fast
and I wasn't sure it would last till the end of the week.
As much as I love having all the house decorated for the season
it's always so nice to have it all cleared out and clean again.

Christmas was very special for us this year
although it was a year with some pretty heavy losses in our family
it was also a year with some pretty happy gains
Verne is at the top of that list
My mum, my daughter, Bonnie, Verne, and myself!

29 December

Nana and Verne

It's not such a little thing to hold your first grandchild

on his very first Christmas day!

It was pretty exciting for me and I think he liked it too.

Little Things Thursday

St. Stephen's Day

Lay them carefully away, Trimmings from our tree so gay, Rainbow-light and frosted ball, Silver star high over all, Santa Claus and candy-cane Reindeer in a jaunty train, Dolly with a piquant face, Red and green and tinsel lace, Lay them carefully away For another happy day!
For another day next year With the children gathered here! Yellow-hair and Curly-lash, Dark-haired girl with drimson ssh, Brother growing tall and wise, Happy wonder in his eyes.
Hearth-fire will you burn as bright As you did this Christmas night? Can ensuing days be spent Harboring this deep content?
Farewell little Christmas tree, You have made a memory!
-Vera Keevers Smith

Winter Solstice

She woke before dawn
the streets of the village were covered with snow
a dusting of white on the bare trees
 white frost settling on the grassy fields
coloured lights of the Christmas tree
the only brightness in the early morning
peace drifted down
and joy
and love
and hope for the day

shopping and a movie this afternoon
an early dinner and the Christmas parade come evening....
but for now there was the quiet of a morning
watching the sun rise up over the ocean

ABC Wednesday
wordless Wednesday
Watery songlines 
Yarn along
coffee for your heart
Wake up Wednesday
Women with intention
A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

19 December

the good
today is Joe's son Ryan's 30th birthday!
Happy birthday Ryan!

the fun
Saturday night was the Christmas parade
on this rather tiny island
Santa and Mrs. Claus
headed off island and back to the north pole

the random

"It came without ribbons, it came without tags,

it came without packages, boxes or bags.

And he puzzled and puzzled till his puzzler was sore

then the grinch thought of something he hadn't before.

What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store,

What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

The good, the random, the fun
Monday musings
Monday mellow yellow
making your home sing
In a vase on Monday 
I love macro
macro monday 2
The art of home

keeping Sabbath

But Mary kept all these things 
and pondered them in her heart
Luke 2:19
~ ~ ~

spiritual Sundays
through my lens 
Sunday Scripture Blessings

17 December

She never thought she'd make it this far

back in the day she was groovy

taking a stand against the man and the machine

but she was just a symbol now,

of another time

once the stars collided in the sky above her

bright and colourful

now she saw them grinding slowly to a halt

one foot in the grave

and the other resting on a couch she could barely get out of

she played  her cards and rested her head on the cusions

told her grandson to turn down the volume

"you call that crap is music....

back in my day, now we had music..."

16 December

Sweet baby Verne is already two months old

I spent Thursday morning drinking coffee slowly
in an old fashioned lunch and breakfast joint 
that was all decked out for Christmas.
I love doing that.

From the town landing at Marblehead
even the fishing boats are dressed for the season

Tuck Finn has a tendency to walk up between me and whatever 
device I happen to be on at the time....
but this is might be taking things a little too far.

I saw this on facebook
I love it so much I want to make one of my own on the beach
but not till it warms up a bit...

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Weekend reflections 


I feel the loss of you
I suppose as one grows older 
the losses mount up
like unpaid bills or clean clothes that must be folded and put away
a pile in the corner somewhere
that constantly has your attention
though you go about your daily life as if it wasn't there
see a day on the calendar 
that no longer holds meaning 
no card to send out - no call to make
buy a tree and decorate trying not to remember

that this is the first Christmas
First New Year's  First Valentine's
First anniversary 
of when you were no longer a person walking on this earth
I suppose as we get older

we learn to carry our wounds with us

rather than crumble under the weight of them

But I wish that you were still here with us

and carefree

and woundless

like when you were a girl

before we knew how heavy wounds could be

ABC Wednesday
wordless Wednesday
Yarn along
coffee for your heart
Women with intention
A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

12 December

For Today 12 December, 2016
Looking out my window
It's rather cloudy and grey. We had a bit of snow during the night but it turned into a cold rain this morning. The streets are quiet, the seas are a bit choppy and it's almost to high tide.
I am thinking
I have been a bit down this season. There is such a lot going on and I feel overwhelmed. I miss Ashley. Just to type her name brings me to a new set of tears. This is the first Christmas without her but that sounds so cliche. She was my step-child and I hadn't seen her in 4 years and yet I raised her as if she were my own, I raised her beside my own. I feel somehow as if I am not allowed to grieve so because she was not mine. But she was mine in my heart and my heart aches that she is gone. I am thankful
We have Verne! He is such a beautiful grandson! I am so happy for my daughter.
One of my favorite things low lying light I am creating a contented life
I am wearing candy cane striped pajamas and a red hoodie because we have t…

12 December

the good

I wasn't able to get to see Verne this weekend..or last weekend either.
My daughter sent me this picture....he is so good!! 

the fun
I have been down and out with a wicked cold.
It may not seem so fun to be stuck in the house all weekend...but it was.

the random

I walked over to the Boston Winter at City Hall Plaza during my lunch break
It's very cool and I think it will be even prettier 
when it gets dark and all the lights are lit.

The good, the random, the fun
Monday musings
Monday mellow yellow
making your home sing
The art of home

the song of Advent -Joy

in the morning I rise with the dawn

I like to see it stretching out over the horizon at the very end of the Atlantic

ribbons of colour where the world once ended

it's all silence at this time of day.

The wind is not rustling the dune grass or the dry branches

the seas are silvery calm

they make almost no noise at all as the slip over the rocky shore

I light the third candle on the advent wreath


rejoice evermore

1 Thessalonians 5:16

~ ~ ~

spiritual Sundays
through my lens 
Sunday Scripture Blessings

9 December

First and foremost my sweet baby Verne

My favoritest boy in the universe!

We have our tree up and decorated.

It is so pretty.

I went to City Hall Plaza during my lunch break.

The new Boston Winter park is up and running.

It's great!

It will look even better in the dark with all the lights lit.

Well...that's only three this week.

Sorry, I'm down with a wicked cold.

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