"I Am Yours" - Derek and the Dominos

The other night I was driving home from work and trying to find some music to listen to on my new 

phone. I quickly clicked on the download section of my Amazon music and stumbled

across the most random thing.

One song and some voice mail messages...some of them were 2 or 3 years old and had been left

on phones that I have long since forgotten about.

Through the magic of modern technology they had transferred into this

download section in my Amazon music.

a job offer that I wasn't interested in

a Dr. cancelling an appointment

my oldest daughter calling to wish me a happy birthday

my youngest daughter calling to wish me a happy birthday

my mum calling to tell me she had jammed something (I couldn't quite make out what it was)
 in her garage door and she needed help...she sounded like she was going to cry

my husband telling me it was him calling from a different number 
 and would I please pick up the phone when he calls 

my daughter telling me she got a new phone and a new number
and she loves me

my sort of aunts (the sisters) calling to accept a sort of kooky invitation
in a funny and eccentric way

a wrong number from an older woman named Edna (my precious Grammy's name)
calling some one named Harry to tell him that she screwed up her TV again
and can't get the picture to come back on 
and would he please come back over to fix it for her

-let me say here that I saved Edna on purpose because she made me laugh-

and....the one song was Eric Clapton singing  I am Yours 

which brings me to my knees in tears because it reminds me

of my beautiful step-daughter, Ashley, who died in February.
I must have listened to them all at least 3 times.

All in all I'd say I am well blessed.


  1. What a sweet but random discovery!

  2. A small trip in time with sounds and voices. Sorry to hear about your step-daughter. Some things are just bitter sweet.


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