28 November

the fun

Every year the grade school on our rather tiny sort of an island

has a Christmas tree stand as their big fund raiser.

We can see the tractor trailer truck bringing the trees in

from our kitchen window.

The stand is run by volunteer parents, grandparents, and school children.

Can you see the neon yellow trim on the truck driver's vest?

the good

We had the boys with us for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

Joey went out to help with the unloading of the trees.

It's so good to have everyone home.

the random

Just a little teapot bird house hanging from a tree in Beacon Hill.

I didn't see any birds nearby....


  1. How fun to see them unload the trees - a true sign that the holiday season is here!

  2. Wonderful captures!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful too.
    diane @ thoughts&shots


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