11 November

Joe took Saturday night off! We haven't had a Saturday night together in a very long time.

We went to my grandson's grandmother's surprise birthday party.

It was a fun time. 

And we got to see Verne!


My daughter, Hannah, took this picture of Bonnie and Verne.

Mother and son.

It's been so sweet to see Bonnie and her little family.

I love seeing her as a mother.

Just a few weeks later Bonnie took this picture of her sister, Hannah with Verne.

Aunty and nephew. 

I love seeing my daughters and my grandson together.

Can you see the yellow in the quilt?

My online class has me hopping. Nothing is too difficult yet but it's time consuming. 

I am enjoying it though...even if I wish I had a bit more time for it. 


Joe and I watched I Remember Mama the other evening. 

Irene Dunne....the old movie not the TV series....

if anyone even remembers either one of those. 

It's such a great movie even he liked it.


  1. Sweet shots of your daughters and grandson.

  2. Those are great photos...the little one looks to be growing so already. They don't stay tiny newbies for very long, do they? The quilt looks lovely. I've never attempted making one even though I've always sewn. My cousin makes beautiful ones. I shared some of hers as a guest post on my Peabea's Photography patch. Thanks for visiting me and commenting a linking up. Loved seeing you there. Have a great week-end.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

  3. Such sweet photos of the girls and the tiny baby; memory makers for sure! Hopefully you'll get some more quality time together.

  4. I love that movie! Sweet photos of Verne. One of the joys of having grandchildren is watching our kids become parents.

  5. oh beautiful photos of baby verne and his mom and auntie...such sweet moments! hope things slow down a bit so you can enjoy your classes a little more! thank you so much for linking up with willy nilly...have a great week ahead! :)


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