Tuck vs. the Viva roll

Tucker Huckleberry Finn

would like any and all to be aware that he is taking care of the issue regarding the paper towels

First discovered upon the dining room table and subsequently transferred 

to the dining room floor...

Where upon it was discovered the rolling and or ripping qualities of said offending material.

Not to worry though, our boy is stealthily pursuing his target.

Rest assured Tucker will leave no leap un-leaped

he has the situation well in hand, er...paw.

signing out.....

your protector of all things rolly and rippy,

Tucker Huckleberry Finn


  1. Oh what a cute little kitty 💕 I love cats and have one sweet little cat girl called Sissi... Under that tag I have plenty of photos of her!

  2. Such a gorgeous guardian of all things on a roll


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