14 October

First off, the star of the show,

Verne Raymond Oliveira

 my beautiful grandson

born on 12 October, 2016

4 generations

After we got the call, I tried to call my mum, to let her know, but couldn't get in touch with her.

She can't get pictures on her cell phone so we printed off pictures

and drove to her house to tape them to her wall so she would see them.

She had just come home and was so happy to hear the news and see the baby.

While we were there my daughter called and gave the all clear for us to come and meet the baby.

So, we brought my mum with us!

She was so excited because she wouldn't have been able to drive an hour to the hospital herself.

My poor sweet daughter had a rough time during delivery.

She was in labor for over 24 hours and after pushing for 3.5 hours

they finally did a c-section at noon yesterday.

I suppose the rest of the world spins on -sun rises and sets, rain falls,

clouds come over and clear again....

I still see it all from the Wonderland T-stop

but I have eyes only for Verne

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  1. A beautiful beginning, indeed! Congratulations.

  2. "Eyes for only Verne" - and rightly so! Congratulations to all! I hope you can stop by:



  3. Congratulations to you all, he certainly is a beautiful baby.

  4. Congratulations to you all.

  5. Beautiful. Many congratulations and wonderful that the four generations could meet so soon after Vernes birth.

  6. Congratulations! Four generations all together -- marvelous! Happy Friday!

  7. Congratulations! Lovely photos!

  8. Congratulations and a lovely landscape and sky too!

  9. Your poor daughter. At least she has something to show for all that trouble. What could be more precious than this little darling. Welcome to our world, Little Verne.

  10. Wonderful news, congratulations

  11. So beautiful♥♥ Have a lovely weekend ♥

  12. A precious new life! Congratulations and hope your daughter makes a speedy recovery!

  13. Congratulations on the new grandbun!

  14. So exciting for all of you, especially your mum. Hope your daughter has a smooth recovery.

  15. Precious! Thanks so much for sharing your joy :)

  16. Oh, congratulations! A newborn baby is the sweetest gift from heaven. So glad you and your mom could be there to meet your little grandson together. Enjoy those baby cuddles.

  17. oh congratulations!! what an adorable baby and hugs to your daughter, that was a rough delivery...perfect timing to get the phone call to come see the baby...love the photos especially the 4 generation! congrats again and thank you for linking with willy nilly! enjoy your weekend!

  18. Congratulations on the birth of your sweet grandson! So glad your mom got to go with you to the hospital!

  19. Comgrats, Grandma!! how exciting to have a brand new baby to hold! is this your first gramdchild??

  20. Congratulations on your beautiful grandson!!Grandchildren are the best of blessings!!

  21. Your grandson certainly DID steal the show. And your daughter comes in quite close with what an awesome job she did. I hope she heals quickly.

    A generation photo is an awesome gift especially with 4 generations.


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