11 August

early morning sunlight

I bought the chair for twenty-five cents at a tag sale

my sister and I stopped at after visiting our mum one afternoon.

I love to imagine it as part of a matching set around an old wooden table

somebody's grandmother spreading cherry preserves on a piece of homemade toast

and hanging her apron over one of the posts.

At my house it captures the early morning sunlight

jars full of green and blue sea-glass on the windowsills

frisbees brought in from the evening prior

and an old crazy quilt I keep meaning to finish....

It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house

and it's just a little thing



  1. Hi there! Stopping over from Tamar's link up. What a bargain on that chair!! It looks great in the morning light.

  2. What a great chair!
    So glad you linked up!!

  3. You have a beautiful imagination and express yourself so well. Yes, that chair certainly has character. And for 25 cents! What a find!


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