3 June

lily of the valley in shady glens

tucked under green undergrowth

trees leafed out in green

forest floor coming alive with 

tiny wonderlands

I got the flag hung up for Memorial day.

I love to see it hanging from our porch as I walk home from Dog Beach.

Joe's mother and step-father came for a visit on Wednesday night.

We had the boys with us so a grand time was had by all.

waiting for the bus


My beautiful daughter Hannah came to visit last night.

We went out for a pizza to celebrate her birthday, which was on Monday.

My favorite part of the night though was chatting with her.

It was just she and I and we got to talk for a long time

and we never really get to do that.

When they get older we see them on holidays, or we go out to lunch,

but we never get to just hang out with them one on one.

It was wonderful. 


  1. Hello, wonderful images. I love the beach/water view! Happy belated Birthday to your daughter Hannah!
    Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Splendid thoughts and images, just what is needed to start the weekend off brightly. Greetings!

  3. great list of faves that sound like a special week!

  4. I love spending time with my daughter too.

  5. The lily of the valley is so pretty. What a nice time with your daughter! Once they move away from home it is harder to have time to just hang out together.

  6. Beautiful photos... I really like the last one. Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, that beach...gorgeous! I love lily of the valley, both the daintiness and the smell! Mother/daughter time is precious!


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