29 April

My commute takes about an hour

I take the blue line home

and then I take a bus which drops me off just in front of my house

I live on a rather tiny island, which is connected to the mainland by a 2 mile causeway

One night this week as I got off the bus the driver commented 

"you must be so  happy to come home"

He couldn't be more accurate.

Happy and blessed to be able to live in this beautiful spot. 


this is where the bus picks me up in the morning. 

I love everything about my new job!

During my lunch hour I walk up over Beacon Hill 

through Boston Commons and into the public gardens

where beautiful tulips are blooming in all sorts of colours.

A few weeks ago it was finally warm enough for us to head out and do some beach hopping


all over the island ramshackle fences and brush beginning to bloom



  1. Yes, despite your long commute, your island life is special!

  2. Hello, you do live in a beautiful place. I would love to be close ot a beach. Gorgeous scenery and lovely skies and flowers. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Such a beautiful and serene environment, great photos. Best wishes!

  4. It does look like a beautiful place! I don't think I'd like an hour commute, but then if it is on a train or bus, it's nice you can use that time to read or relax.

  5. I love a watery commute. There's something about going by or going on the water that helps set one up for the day. You live in a beautiful place.

  6. Your little piece of Paradise looks amazing - I wonder where it is?
    The fact that you work in Boston, it must be an island nearby - I'll look at Google maps.
    That's one of the lovely things about blogging, there is always more to learn about other peoples lives.
    There is a beauty to the ramshackle fences too.


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