25 April

the good

tiny little grape hyacinths...

which I had to lie down on the sidewalk to capture.

the random

Boston really is beautiful at this time of year

the fun

I met up with some girlfriends in Boston on Saturday.

We walked down Newbury Street, we had lunch and a drink,

we walked the commons and through the public gardens....

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  1. Hello, the flowers are pretty. The weekend in Boston sounds like a fun time. Love the photos!

    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. Great shots of Boston. Sounds like you had fun with your friends. Enjoy! Found you over at good random fun linky. ~Lowanda

  3. Hope stayed on the sidewalk and soaked up some sun while you were down there.

  4. Great photos of Spring Boston, and its fun to see the phone shadow in your group selfie! Sounds like a good time on a spring day.

  5. Last week during school vacation, we came off our country hill for the day, parked the mini-van in Wonderland (who wouldn't want to park in Wonderland?) and rode the T into Boston. Loved our day of Boston Beauty -- and the expression on the faces of my country boys as they ogled the tall buildings, ate massive sandwiches in a restaurant peopled mainly by business suits, and wandered the historical streets. Loved your photos!

  6. Oh, Boston, you always get me with your beauty!

  7. Visiting from Randomosity. I adore Boston, no better place to be with girlfriends.

  8. Boston is beautiful. I'd love to visit there again sometime! Enjoyed all your photos. :-)

  9. Looks a joyful spring day - happy faces & beautiful flowers.

  10. Loving the grapes! Ours will be in blooming in another couple of weeks. I can hardly wait to see them!
    Enjoy your week!

  11. How cute you all look in your sunglasses...you could all come to Florida with those and maybe some hats! Hugs!

  12. Those hyacinths are so lovely -- and I smiled at your comment that you had to lie down to capture them :)!

  13. Lovely views as you enjoy life around you and with friends...a peaceful post!

    and LivingFromHappiness


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