so much

so the oil man came early this morning

like at the crack of dawn

knocking at the door

looking for a check

let me write two and post date them

it's going down below zero tonight

that's Fahrenheit folks

and we have a full tank to keep us cozy

so there was no cream for the coffee

tiny island store didn't open for another half hour

and when i finally got in line

the owner let me cut...took my crinkled 2 dollars

before the guy with 18 lottery tickets to cash in

maybe he recognized the look of desperation on my face

so much depends upon.....

that first sip of coffee in your warm kitchen

on a sunny morning

so much depends upon...

how you see the world

so much depends upon...

how we treat each other

the poetry lies
in a conversation with the oil man

 pajamas, morning breath, tousled hair
slight scent of diesel in the air 

the poetry lies with

a purple box of half and half

morning sunlight shining on the white circle in my coffee cup

so much depends upon

a random connection


  1. Enjoyed the read, most refreshing.

  2. Lovely - really.
    About the coffee cream - oh yes. I have been known to put down the paper, don shoes and run into the village early, early because so much depends on that first cup of coffee.

  3. In my house, everything depends on that first sip of coffee!

  4. Your poem allowed me to inhabit this world for a short spell.. the weather is fine, the coffee good.

  5. Intriguing oil man and connection - nice lines.

  6. You aced it. I could see all of this, and really enjoyed your poem!


  7. so much depends upon
    a random connection.... I love the story you told here.

  8. Oh, absolutely...the poetry does arrive in all of these ways...I so enjoyed seeing how it showed up for you today...great perspective. :)

  9. What a delightful read, great thoughts indeed and well written. Greetings!

  10. This is very cool, all the connections that happen to make a simple thing like cream in one's coffee happen. I really enjoyed reading this.

  11. !! I adore this. The half & half - Oh, how I need that in the morning - can't drink my coffee without it. Love how you set this poem up - really enjoyed!

  12. So much depends on a random connection...absolutely!!

  13. Ah.. that morning coffee... but sometimes it's important to find that connection searching for the cream...

  14. I love the stringing together of simple moments and how they can be so profound. Perfectly within the spirit of the original poem.

  15. that eye opener; the morning cuppa can set the path of day in straight or crooked lines

    have a good weekend

    much love...

  16. Poetry lies in everyday things, YES. I love this. And OH, do I understand the crux of the day depending on that cup.

  17. intimate and compelling. I also enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you ~

  18. There are irritations or inconveniences to put up with. One will always be made to seek ways to try to overcome them. Very true!


  19. So much depends on a random true. You wrote so visually I felt I was standing next to you.

  20. Random connections are often the best kind ... so much depends upon / yes! Nice work.

  21. Love this. It really is all about that conversation with the oil man. Hope you are staying warm! Soooooo cold here.


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