26 February

I have inherited a new desk 

from my landlord who died this past autumn

He was what we affectionately refer to as

"a Character"

and I am absolutely enamored
of sitting at this beautiful desk at the window 
and watching the world go by


Hyacinths are in at the local market.

I have one sitting on the new desk and it smells like heaven


I went to lunch with my daughter Bonnie yesterday

at the Peddler's Daughter

it's sort of an Irish Pub in Haverhill, MA

we listened to Irish music 

and ate fish n chips wrapped in newspaper

mine was in the obituaries

which reminded me of my papa

who read the obits daily and called them the Irish funnies.


spring comes foggy and wet to our rather tiny island

nothing  but grey skies


My sister got engaged to a great guy!!


  1. Sounds heavenly and peaceful right now....I love how you remind me to enjoy the simple things in life. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I love this post very much - Hyacinth are glorious, and I wish I could pop to nic eIrish pub for fish&chipts followed by nice pint. Congratulations to your sister.
    Have a great weekend:)

  3. just to let you know, I have had trouble getting your site on my ipad..sometimes on my computer too. It sends me to various other websites especially commercial ones. I have missed many good post I'm certain. I

  4. What a nice group of fives! I love the way hyacinths look but they make me sneezy. How nice that you received a desk! The Irish pub experience sounds like a lot of fun. Would love to have some good fish and chips!

  5. Howdy! Hyacinth painting is quite nice. I like how something you are doing reminds you of something else. Have a great week-end.
    JM, IL

  6. Gorgeous shots.

  7. Wonderful thoughts and such nice photos too.

  8. You have everything here - life and death, family and food and a celebration and gorgeous photos. A wonderful post.

  9. amazing one.

  10. It is a beautiful day today, isn't it ... sun all shiny and warm? Hope you're enjoying every minute, Kara ...

  11. Congrats to your sis! Hyacinths are a lovely flower.


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