keeping Sabbath and a poem on Saturday

the day hardly paused when you left

angels stand cold in the graveyards

as you turn to dust beneath them

the call of the poppy dialed in on you
slowly ensnared you

slapped with your sudden departure

i remember 

the child - the beautiful sweetness that was you

days hardly paused when you left




this is not a piece I wrote about any one particular person though

I will say that I have lost many people due to drugs these past few years.

People from "good homes", people between the ages of 19 and 53, 

people who died accidentally, and people who chose to take their own

lives rather than suffer one more day.

They are saying now that addiction is a disease....

Perhaps that makes them feel better.

They are not talking much about the pharmaceutical companies who push this stuff

legally and then abandon those they have addicted.

Here on the north shore of Boston there is an epidemic....

and not just here but across this country. 

But we do not hear much of that from the politicians these days. 

No longer is this an issue to sweep under the rug or relegate to the dark side of towns....

This is here in our living rooms and our bedrooms

our front lawns.

 Perhaps there is some one you care about, love, sit next to

who struggles with this addiction

perhaps you do.....

In the end it doesn't matter if you have ever done drugs or do them every day

because what happens to one of us 

happens to all of us

and it is time for healing 


  1. A delightful piece and thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful, thoughtful writing. I agree that it is swept under the carpet, ignored in an ostrich in the sand kind of way. There are an awful lot of people worldwide who are addicted to a huge range of drugs legal or otherwise.


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