2 November

the fun

the only thing I really love about Halloween is the pumpkin carving.

the good
 a bowlful of dried hydrangea for in a vase on Monday

the random 

we have a bird feeder on our second floor porch which attracts a great many birds...mostly sparrows.

the other morning I heard a thud against the window and went to make sure

all the birds were all right. Upon opening the door I heard lots of twittering and a great many

little sparrows flew out from behind a table all willy-nilly into the sky. 
As I turned, wondering what in the world had them all so upset, a great huge hawk
flew right past me and landed in the tree right next to me. He was almost close
enough for me to reach out and touch as he flew by!
I so wish I had my camera handy....

day 2 of 30

I am thankful for the abundance of natural beauty all around me.

During the times in my life when I have lived in more urban areas I have loved

having the hustle and bustle about me....

but I must admit I enjoy the quiet of our tiny island more than any other place I've lived.

Mosaic Monday
The good, the random, the fun

Monday mellow yellow
making your home sing
In a vase on Monday 

nature footstep catching light


  1. Hello, lovely images. I like to carve the pumpkins too. I hope your little birds stay safe from the Hawk. Have a happy Monday and new week ahead!

  2. Those pumpkins are so cute...my favorite is the second from the left...too funny! :)

  3. Very nice. Wish you Happy Halloween.

  4. Love your pumpkins! Dried hydrangeas are so pretty.

  5. When one is peaceful in their own private space, I don't think there is any greater feeling. Lovely post today - I liked your writing about the small birds and I could see the hawk - a nice memory now for you to keep.

  6. Dried hydrangeas make a nice feature. Love your pumpkins too.

  7. Oh that vase of dried hydrangeas are fabulous....I haven't carved a pumpkin in so long...I miss it!

  8. I, too, love the hydrangeas. I am trying to dry some this year - I've never had much success with them.
    Love that pumpkin shot!

  9. Hi,
    Cute pumpkins. The Hydrangeas are so beautiful.
    Have a great day!

  10. Such a simple idea, and a very tactile vase too - I like to run my hands over dried hydrangea flowers

  11. a bowl full of hydrangeas. always beautiful ...

  12. I periodically think that I should wear a camera around my neck every time I venture into the garden - I always seem to miss the best photo opportunities. I'm glad your prompt arrival disrupted the hawk's intrusion on the smaller birds.

  13. Fun pumpkin pic - we do literally nothing for halloween...it was fun to get to watch it all on social media. Love the idea of a bowl ful of dried hydrangeas - such a soft, timely decoration

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  15. The Angry Bird pumpkin is so funny! Great expressions.

  16. And then there are the pumpkin seeds! Yum

  17. I can sympathize with you about hawks in the backyard trying to catch a songbird for dinner. A couple of years ago I saw a hawk chasing a mourning dove, which it obviously caught and I spent my time watching it with binoculars - totally forgetting to get my camera.


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