Nana's candelabra

Ever since I can remember my mum had this candelabra in her house at Christmas time.

When Hannah was a baby, she asked me if I would like it and of course, I said yes.

I've always loved it.

So, ever since Hannah and Bonnie were babies it has graced

one or another of my tables from October till January. 

At the beginning of Advent I put the traditional purple and pink candles in it

and fill the bowl with greens and shiny Christmas bulbs.

Truth be told, I do not love it as I used to. 

It's getting a little worn around the edges and my tastes have changed.

But, I love that it was my mother's, and my nana's, and now mine.

Almost nothing in my home is all belonged to someone else at one time or another.

Once in a while I wonder what my style would be if I were to start fresh...

I could never do that me a home is more than a house.

My father's books, Joe's mother's bureau, the old wicker chairs that sat on my mother's porch,

where Billy took his evening cocktail and watched the birds at the feeders,

the paintings that my daughters made, papa's old spectacles

and nana's candelabra


  1. Your home seems filled with warm and loving memories. That is the best kind of home ever! Don't think about starting over... you have what makes you comfort and peaceful already.

  2. I love that you have her candle holder. These are the special things that are so nice that people who love and treasure them get to inherit. It is beautiful and perfect with the pine cones in it. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  3. What a lovely candelabra full of beautiful memories of family and home. My house's decor sounds a lot like yours. I was thinking the other day that if I could start fresh, I wouldn't even know where to begin. But, then I realized, that really, this *is* my style. It has taken a lifetime of thrifting, treasuring, living and loving to get it just so.

    1. Nothing better than hand-me-downs because normally they have a been passed through loving hands.

  4. so much love, peace, and comfort.

  5. Lovely candle holder -- and I love the pine cones. Isn't that wonderful that you are surrounded with things that are more than things. They are heirlooms. I'm sure your life is richer because you surround yourself with reminders of those you love.

  6. Oh, the memories your candelabra holds and the stories it could tell! Lovely post.

  7. All of this is so true -- my home holds so many physical objects different family members used all the time. And somehow I feel they are still with me. And it calms me. I was so happy to see you write this. Thanks, Anne H.

  8. I agree, that's what makes a home! I don't understand people who want everything bran spanking new. Time worn things with memory and love are much more beautiful to me! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Such a wonderful piece of history. Love items like this that carry so much value.


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