6 things I learned in October

1~  I am still a morning person, but I need a half hour or so to gather my thoughts before the world 

descends upon me. I love to watch the sunrise and hear the seagulls waking up and squawking at one 

another. The very first bird singing out with the very first bit of light. I have learned that I want to 

know those things before too much interaction with other people. Joe has a night shift job now and 

comes home at about 5 in the morning. For him it is evening and he is ready to chat and chat. For me it is

still time for reflection on what the morning holds. So, I am learning to balance the two...I'll let you 

know how it works out. So far I've only lost it once. 

2~  Once you make your decision the universe conspires to make it happen. I have learned that I am

 stronger, smarter, and more capable than I give myself credit for. That is true with changes I make within

 myself and also with changes I make in my relationships with my loved ones. I can assert myself with 

love and caring and respect for all. I have learned that I am good at that. It turns out that it is true, Love is

the most important thing of all. If you have truly checked your heart and know that you are doing 

everything with love you should move forward. If you are serving others and not just yourself, 

you are in the right place. I have learned that I do not agree with the adage which states you must make

yourself happy before you can make others happy. I do not agree at all. I think it is impossible to be 

happy within yourself if you are always seeking your own happiness. You must bring something good

to some one else first and foremost because that is where all  happiness comes from. That doesn't mean

you must sacrifice your own  happiness. The more you share the more there is. 

3~ Calm down....every little thing shall be fine. This is one I learn over and over....but my calm spaces are

so much longer now than they used to be. I am happy and content with where I am in my life now. I am 52 

and I wouldn't want to go back. I am enjoying this time in my life very much. 

4~ In October, I learned (am learning still) to love the ones who don't love me. There are so many angry

and bitter people. It's best when I don't respond to them because their drama isn't my drama. I can 

acknowledge their anger without responding in anger. I am so much better at this than I used to be. 

5~ I have learned more about how to live small and balance a budget. I am more involved with the family 

finances now and can direct what we spend and what we don't spend...or at least what we spend our money


6~ I saved the best for last. In October I learned that I am going to be a grandmother!!! I am ecstatic, 

overjoyed, worried, anxious...and every other thing you can think of. I absolutely cannot wait to hold 

that little monkey baby in my arms. I want to smell the smell of my daughter's baby and see those tiny

fingers.  I don't even know how I'm going to make it to June!

7~ Bonus -I have learned, that life is just so extraordinary! To think that my baby is going to have a baby 

is nothing short of miraculous. My beautiful daughters are going to be a mother and an aunt. I am going 

to be a grandmother. As I type, I am watching a bright red sunrise over the ocean and so many geese 

flying over my house on their way to warmer places. I live on a rather tiny island with a man who

is truly my best friend and confidante. Yes, there are a few rough spots, but all in all, it's a pretty sweet

gig. Sometimes I just have to sit back in utter amazement at all the blessings. There are no words to 

express my gratefulness or  thankfulness. 

Perhaps that is why  I feel so strongly about my number 2. You just have to share the love. 

When you have plenty you build a bigger table not a bigger wall. 



  1. This is a beautiful and very meaningful post. We are in a similar stage of life and every bit of this resonated with me.

  2. nothing in life beats the joy of being a grandmama. nothing. i'm so excited for you, Kara.

    sharing these shores with the next generation is truly the greatest gift.


  3. Very special congratulations on your wonderful news! What a treat. :)

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  5. You have obviously thought about this long and hard and come up with some pretty good observations that suit you and your lifestyle. It has given me food for thought. Congratulations on your wonderful news - I have a feeling that everything will be different with a new baby in the family.

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  7. How wonderful! A beautiful post thank you so much for sharing :)

  8. Great news!Great words!Great feelings!Congrats!AriadnefromGreece!

  9. What a lovely meaningful post - congratulations!!


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