5 October

the good

red berries in the wood

the fun

we went to the annual open house

at the Northeastern University biomarine lab

here on Nahant. 

the random

little boy piles in the living room


  1. Love the starfish shot! And the random boy piles.

  2. Oh how beautiful are the berries, so very brilliant! Thank you!

  3. I think the red berries are more abundant this year!
    Smiled at the "little" boy piles, because I should be sharing pictures of big boy piles: a name tag from work, a random shot gun shell, and a pile of nails emptied from a pocket.

  4. wonderful I so relate to the little boy pile of stuff

  5. red berries, starfish.

    i'm smiling big at these winsome treasures this morning, Kara!

    what a serendipitous start to a fresh new week! hope it's a good one for ya' ...


  6. I am missing my little boy piles. He is a big boy now and away at college.

  7. Love the starfish, so pretty!
    Oh, and I think the crane downtown is building the fancy new high rise in Downtown Crossing. No clue how that art piece was installed!

  8. Great collection of photos!

  9. Very nice! Love the berries and the starfish...and the detritus of life! :-)

  10. Hi,
    Love the little pile of toys. We have lots of those with twins in the house.
    Have a great day!

  11. Wonderful pictures to showcase these words....

  12. A nice cross section of your life ... filled with beauty and fun. Very nice and thoughtful ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  13. The red berries are a wonderful exhibit of what fall offers and the slippers with little boy things is a fun photo.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  14. Love the little starfish in your hand. Sweet photos, all. A wonderful harbinger of autumn.

  15. Pretty photos ... the red berries, the starfish, those random boy piles ... wonderful!


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