26 October

the good
I love the way the earth turns into the warm colors of Autumn

everything all auburn and gold

the random

once in a while my neighbor leaves treats at our back door.

the other day I came home to a basket of fresh pears.

the fun

Saturday I volunteered at the church bazaar.

I baked molasses cookies the night before and divided them equally into little baggies.

I dropped them off at the bake sale table at 8:30 and headed over to man the housewares section.

We shut down at about 1:00 and I was home and ready for a nap at about 2:00.

It was more fun than I thought it would be....

I'm pretty sure that means I am old and probably boring. 

The dune grasses are dying down and bittersweet is taking over the path to the beach.

I love the wild spaces. 

I hope they never "pretty up" this path. 

I can see it from my windows and from the porch. 

I love to watch it change with the seasons.

I have a bit of hydrangea and Japanese lanterns in an old earthenware bowl

which I've set on the kitchen table.

it all looks very fall-ish.

Mosaic Monday
The good, the random, the fun
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Monday musings
Monday mellow yellow
making your home sing
In a vase on Monday 
macro monday 2
nature footstep catching light


  1. the church bazaar sounds nice

  2. We're starting to get some Fall'ish color here in Georgia. My favorite season, by far!

  3. What beautiful autumn scenes. You have such a way with crafting words to accompany your images!

  4. I must confess, I've gotten into the habit of looking for your blog in the link-ups. Your eye for beauty slays me. Gotta figure out how to subscribe (said the Luddite blogger who can barely find the "publish" button on her own blog).

  5. Hi,
    Beautiful Autumn colors.
    Have a great day!

  6. That path needs no help- just gorgeous!

  7. Fabulous fall images...love the colors.

  8. What a beautiful and sweet Fall post. It just puts you into the spirit of peaceful thankfulness. I would love to invite you to share this beautiful post at my blog hop party-http://www.asklatisha.com/tgi-saturdays-40-what-i-dont-get-about-halloween/

    Blessing to you and happy Fall

  9. Love, love, your bowl of hydrangea and Japanese lanterns! Beauteous! Thanks for sharing your Autumn musings! So glad Istopped by from Monday Musings :)

  10. excellent.

  11. Your words and images are so lovely and capture the spirit of the season.

    The path I walk through the woods around the pond is full of bittersweet just now and I love it. I've been spending as much time as I can outdoors taking in the gorgeous foliage, which somehow seems brighter to me this year. The church bazaar sounds like a fun time to me! And, treat leaving neighbors are the very best kind, aren't they? Your earthenware bowl of autumn is splendid!

  12. I love the colors of Autumn! The church bazaar and cookies sound wonderful! The chinese lanterns are so pretty. Lovely post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  13. I'm with you ~ love the shades of autumn. The bolds are breathtaking and the more subtle golds, beiges and browns are so very soothing.

  14. Beautiful collage,,,I love it with the patchwork of colors. Stoppin in from Mosaic Monday. Have a wonderful week!

  15. Lovely shades of autumn and I'm looking forward to our Christmas church bazaars. I had to smile when you said you felt like a nap after helping, I feel that way after my turn in the church nursery. It's a great baby/toddler fix for a grandmother but how they can tire one out!

  16. It's such a beautiful time of year no matter where you live! Lovely photos! Hugs, Diane


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