3 August

pots of geranium

once there was a

not very large-ish porch

on the second floor

of the big green house

at the edge of the sea

on a rather tiny island
on this porch there was

a round wicker table for dining alfresco

gingery oatmeal and ambrosia tea

the sun rising over the Atlantic

hazy and orange and big and round

 gulls calling to one another at the very crack of dawn

lobster boats and fishing boats headed out for an afternoon

 and everywhere, everywhere, little pots of geranium

the good -the weather cooled off quite a bit last night and we had a lovely night for sleeping

the random -Plum Island, MA now has its own wine...

which is not, as you might have thought, a plum wine

and is, as you might  not have thought, quite atrocious!

the bottle is wonderful and fun though

and I have saved two of them for candle holders





  1. How cool to have a Plum Island wine! The geranium are so pretty.

  2. I'm so glad I visited through MM. You are a wonderful poet!

  3. Lovely poem and images. The geranium blooms are beautiful. I would like to sit on the porch and enjoy the view. Happy Monday and a great new week ahead!

  4. I'm really enjoying my one potted geranium this year and purpose to have several more next year!

  5. So pretty! After a week of temperatures in the high 30s (Celsius), our weather here has also finally cooled down.

  6. Lovely photos of geraniums! Your poem is really beautiful. We readers can imagine so well how nice it's to sit on the porch, sipping tea and admiring the view...
    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  7. Plum Island....what a wonderfully romantic name! I love your geraniums one and all. Nothing like that flower to visualize summer!

  8. Magnificent images and poem! I invite you to share your post with others on my new photo meme called "Through My Lens". The link is down below. Thanks!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Hi!
    Beautiful flowers. Have a great day!

  10. Lovely shots.

  11. Very pretty flowers, so colorful.

  12. I enjoyed your poem, which conjured up vivid images for me. What a pity that the wine is atrocious!


  13. Love your photos! And that's too funny about the wine!

  14. Your word pictures are so charming and the photo collage the perfect accent. Just lovely and evocative.... Makes me long to be at the Coast. The wine part made me laugh! We've tried a few local wines about which we have said 'well, the label is interesting'!

  15. Lovely little story, precious to read, and your last photo is stunning and reminds me of a painting of a lighthouse I've seen!

  16. After a week's vacation, there I was this morning cutting off the dead flowers and yellowed leaves of my numerous pots of geraniums and appreciating what a tough little plant they are to soldier on in heat and without water at times. My neighbour kept an eye on them but I knew they'd survive with some neglect.
    A nice story, especially the ambrosia tea. :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  17. Love that Plum Island, your post is lovely and Geraniums are always a beautiful flower to share~

  18. Flowers are a joy! They are peaceful and friendly to the eyes and the appreciating nose!


  19. Lovely geraniums and lol on your thoughts about the wine.

  20. What a beautiful spot to enjoy the potted geraniums.


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