13 august

 a walk on the beach of a morning

some type of sea creature drills tiny holes

in the clam shells

so that they can get in there and eat up all that scrumptious clammy goodness

this makes things most convenient for creating banners

at the dining room table in the fading daylight

after chores are done

I am ever so thankful for this life I have been blessed with

Joe, and my beautiful girls, and his wonderful boys...

i am so grateful to be able to share my time with them here....

baskets full of blessings





  1. Living with gratitude daily is everything. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How pretty :) This reminded me of last summer when I was amazed at some carpenter bees who drilled perfect round holes into a little door outside leading to storage under a porch. The perfect symmetry of their work as well as your little creatures : )

  3. this is beautiful --> 'baskets full of blessings.'

    yes, yes. we are blessed indeed.

  4. So much we have to be grateful for and the challenge is remembering to express it.

  5. I used to make necklaces from those shells!

  6. A wonderful way to share blessings! This is a fabulous idea too!

  7. What a wonderful place to live with all the beauty of the beach. I really like the shells hanging on the twine. Thanks for visiting my ABC Wed. post.

  8. You sound so happy and are blessed! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  9. Oh, it must be at certain places that the hole maker lives - because I have a mosaic made from shells, and none of them have a hole:) the shells with the cords are such an endearing sight!

  10. That is amazing! And I love the pretty banner you made with them :)

  11. That is amazing! I love the pretty banner you made with them :)

  12. You are indeed blessed. I am glad to be back from my trip and catching up with you, dear friend.

  13. I like what you did with those! Really nice!

  14. Perfect indeed! Love the banner. I too feel very blessed and thank God daily for my wonderful life. Yours sound divine! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. I often wondered how the little hole was made on the shells. I never thought about it being a bird or something like that. Thank's for taking us on a walk along the ocean shore.


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