10 August

Of a morning I rode my bicycle through the wooded path

to the community gardens in the park

There were tomatoes, courgettes, summer squash, and cucumber

I also picked up a couple of heads of garlic and an aubergine

but the star of the show....and what rounded me off to a whole five dollars

was a small bouquet of zinnias!

I popped the whole thing into my wicker bicycle basket 

and rode back along the path toward home.


the path is lined with bright purple loosestrife, Goldenrod, and creamy Queen-Anne's Lace

white moths and orange butterflies

fly by me as I pedal

and if there have been no neighbor's walking dogs

a hedgehog or two scurries along the path

when they hear me coming

This evening there is roasted veggies, with fresh basil, oregano and parsley from the kitchen garden

turkey meatloaf with feta, lemon and oregano

and home-baked cornbread fresh from the oven.

When the ground turkey goes on sale at the market I pick up a couple of packages

Fresh vegetables are plentiful and affordable at this time of year

and cornbread can be made for a song

We dine on the porch with a beautiful vase of old fashioned zinnias

and the cool ocean breeze 

Tea on Tuesday morning is something fruity

I had a half-dozen bags loose in a tea-tin on the shelf...

 I popped two of them into the pot

and they were delicious and aromatic 

I will pour the rest of the pot into a pitcher

after it steeps all morning

and drink it iced later in the afternoon

I am a New England girl

and so I like my tea with no sugar

and my johnny-cake sweet.

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  1. Hello, your dinner sounds delicious. And the zinnias are lovely. Sounds perfect having your dinner on the porch. Have a happy evening and week ahead!

  2. Beautiful photographs and prose

    Your zinnias are beautiful

    I may have to see what a peace blogger is.

  3. I like my tea with no sugar too. Read from it fro Reader's digest 35 years ago.

  4. I felt like I was along for your ride! Such beautiful writing. I, too, drink my tea without water or sugar -- just the bold flavor of tea!

  5. Beautiful flowers and cup. I enjoyed reading your prose as well. Happy Tuesday afternoon!

  6. The photo and prose are a lovely way to capture the wonder of summer.

  7. Your post made me hungry. Hee!

    I used to like sweetened tea, but nowadays, I prefer to drink it sugar-free too!

  8. I would have invited myself over if I had managed to catch your post in time! The zinnias look lovely - and you have captured the homeliness beautifully in your photo. Thanks for joining in with our Monday vases


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