31 July

For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of this plant.

I even called me mum, the expert in all things flowery,

and she couldn't get it either

of course, something could have been lost in the translation over the phone,

periwinkle-blue-purple-ish anual

that looks sort of like a tansy but isn't 

and is usually very short but sometimes can be taller....

I don't know why she couldn't pop it right off the top of her head  ;)

feel free to mention its name in the comments....please

it looks quite pretty - growing by the sea in the Swampscott town commons


It's been beastly hot and humid here...hardly manage to get outside for walking at all

yesterday morning I went to the beach to sit at the edge of the shore

I saw a sort of older father there with his little son, who was really just a toddler

the waves were rather large and a bit rough coming in and the boy 

was getting knocked about some even though his daddy was holding him

I had noticed while walking the beach in the early mornings this past week

that some little chap had left two yellow plastic tonka trucks on a big flat rock

they had been just sitting there all week

so...I grabbed them up and walked over to the father and son

and handed them off

Both were quite appreciative as they  hadn't brought any little sand toys along

everytime I happened to glance over in that direction I could see them 

building a little Tonka truck village in the sand.

what goes around - comes around

My beautiful daughter, Bonnie, came over to visit the other night. 

We walked the beach and had some pizza and a beer.

We got to talk a bit since it was just the two of us.

I just love the company of my daughters so very much.

I am gobsmacked by their awesomeness. 

Wednesday evening Joe and I packed up a little bag and headed over the causeway

to the Swampscott by the Sea Summer Concert Series

we sat on lawn chairs in the town commons in the setting sun

listened to a local bluegrass band,

and on the way home we watched the almost-but not quite full blue moon

rise over the Atlantic

last night our neighbors invited us over for a cocktail

it was nice to get out for a bit as we've been kind of holed up in here in the air-conditioning


Flower Friday 



  1. thanks for sharing beauty, be blessed.

  2. Can't help you identify the flower, but it looks like the kind that florists add to many bouquets. You described many scenes in a vivid way.

  3. Is it ageratum? I've never seen it grow tall, but that's my only guess...

  4. the beach was warm and windy last night! what a joy to get out and walk away from that oppressive humidity!

    weekend joys to you, friend ...

  5. Sorry, I can't think of the name either. I bet it will come to me in the middle of the night. It certainly adds a dash of a pretty colour along the shore.

    How kind of you to pass on the toys to the father and son. Little thoughtful acts like that make such an impact.

    I LOVE time with my kiddos too. I just dropped off my daughter at Yosemite where she will be working.

    I hope the weather this week is more moderate. We've had some 100+ days this week but no humidity to speak of.

  6. dont know the name of the wildflower but we have them growing all over the mountain areas here in NY where i hike and along the bike paths i ride. it sounds loke your week was as humid as ours but today no ac is required! the humidity broke over ight amd it is the perfect summer day!! it is always a blessing to spend time with daughters.😀

  7. Is it a bachelor's button? I don't know the Latin name for it.
    Loved your fave fives. Time with our girls=bliss. I wish we had a Summer Series with a bluegrass band.

  8. Love the interchange with the trucks and the boy and his dad. I have many fun memories of boys and Tonka trucks!

    The bluegrass outdoor concert sounds so fun!

    It's wonderful you have such a great relationship with your daughters and had some time together this week.

  9. I'd guess a leggy ageratum too. Whatever it is, it's pretty.

  10. How so very kind and thoughtful of you offering the boy and his father a pair of lonely tonka toys, those flowers looks familiar to me tho I am unable to name them myself, thinking perhaps I had seen these same types sold in our local nursery here (Southern Calif)
    Enjoy reading your post very much and thank you for checking out my blog about playing with Clay, I do hope you do decide to give it a try for I would love to see your clay sculptures.

  11. It's a beautiful flower...glad that someone was able to identify it :)

    Quite hot and humid here in PA as well lately. Trying to get any yard work done at the crack of dawn, basically before it heats up too much : )

  12. We LOVE bluegrass! Both my husband and I were raised on it, and my Daddy played the five-string banjo and guitar. I miss him SO much! I never hear the ring of a banjo without thinking of him and longing for him and Mom.

  13. Agree that it is a tall ageratum! Lovely shot.
    Thank you for joining Floral Friday Fotos and I hope you can share some more of your flower photos soon.


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