5 july

end of night

you woke me at the crack of dawn

i crawled from beneath the quilts

to walk the beach in splintered light

you crow back at the seagulls

announcing break of day

we do not stand with feet in clay

but with open hearts and free

escaping from the dark of night

and coming home

collapse into a heap of bones 

grains of sand settling into the sheets beneath us


  1. I love that image of collapsing into a heap of bones, and I know what its like to crawl into bed with sand-grit in the sheets---not pleasant! Delightful read!

    Whirling with Marge

  2. I like the stress on the importance of having an open heart & finding a way to escape from the dark night.

  3. Home is always a safe place to land. Lovely lines.

  4. hey nice to see you @ PU after a long time with such a lovely poem...escaping from the dark night and coming home is always so delightful...

  5. Imagining the splintered light...so lovely.

  6. yep that last line did it for me it cinched everything gather and gave it meaning, great writing

  7. Night here is something that is ending and escaped--but also something welcoming when two are together!

  8. Nothing more beautiful than an early-morning beach walk!

  9. A soothing poem. Loved the lines: "we do not stand with feet in clay
    but with open hearts and free" Beautifully penned :)

  10. There is something quite satisfying in spending time with nature, the wild animals, birds, trees, and sea. Then that comfortable feeling of returning home and the little reminder of the grains of sand in the sheets. Loved it.

  11. Love your ending...beautiful piece

  12. Love how you've captured the freedom of an early morning beach walk here!

  13. Maybe there is just the skin that protect us from the heap of bones thing...

  14. I'd like to experience this... soon! I'll take the sand in the sheets and everywhere else.

  15. Despite the sand i feel there is comfort in the relief of being back home - it is so very important...

  16. With open hearts and free...that's the best way to say goodbye to night. I enjoyed reading this. What a lovely little story.

  17. This is glorious: "we do not stand with feet in clay

    but with open hearts and free"--I love it!

  18. Interesting choice of imagery well written.

  19. lovely write - and the grains of sand the memory!
    Anna :o]


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Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the gentle night to you.
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you

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