17 july

Swampscott, Massachusetts

has the prettiest little town commons

it is just on the sea across from fisherman's beach and wharf

and the  flowerbeds are filled with snapdragons

which I love

 the bees think they are pretty nifty also

This fuzzy bumble is heading back to the hive

loaded down with pollen

My battery died on my Dell laptop. Not one of my favies this week.

But, luckily enough my old Dell seems to be filling in rather nicely.

I am used to a touch screen now so i keep touching it and sitting patiently..................

and I can't unplug it for very long because this battery is on its way out as well

still though, it's better than nothing while I wait for a new battery


Joe started a new job this week. He has been working an interim job for the past year

and has been less than satisfied there.

So we are very happy he is working once again at a job where he is appreciated

and is with friends. 


We had the boys here during the middle of the week.

They went  to the park and rec camp from 9 to 12

we walked the path through the wood to the park to get there

and then I walked back at noon to pick them up

we have some lunch and a little rest

before heading to the beach of an afternoon

It's a pretty sweet line-up

this week the waves have been pretty big and great for riding

Joe has been home early afternoon because he's on a training schedule

so all four of us walk across the street to short beach

and play in the waves for a few hours

then we come home and make dinner

summer sunsets have been spectacular lately

I love that we are able to set the time aside to watch them from the porch

this is a picture of the sunrise

it was so pretty I couldn't resist getting out of bed

and walking the beach in my pj's to make a photograph

I would like to extend an open invitation to join me 
for my first ever link-up meme
Tuesday Afternoon
your post can be about anything that gives one pause
to enjoy the simple beauty of 
Tuesday Afternoon
I look forward to seeing you





  1. Oh you live in Swampscott!! We know where that is!! My oldest daughter just graduated from Gordon College in Wenham (I'm sure you have heard of this Christian college...the best on the East Coast!! :) ) and my husband's folks are in West Bridgewater on the south shore...or at least that's what he calls it. We have seen signs for Swampscott and I think we even drove through it once or twice in recent years. Pretty area for sure!!
    I'm glad your husband has a job he enjoys..that is important! Your time with your sons sounds marvelous.....lunch, walks on the beach...NICE. I love summer!! YAY for the old laptop working for you! Enjoy the weekend. I will try to do the Tuesday meme.

  2. So so glad for your Joe and his new job. I hope it goes well for him.

    Mesmerizing sunset and a charming portrait of bumble among the flowers.

  3. It is always good to make bees happy plus yellow photographs so beautifully.

  4. Sorry about your battery, we are powerless at times, but good news you have a back up computer! Enjoy your weekend and those lovely snapdragons they are a favorite of mine too!

  5. Hello I'm sorry to have to leave this as a post comment but I couldn't find another way to contact you. I was browsing your website, specifically your new linkup page "Tuesday Afternoons," when I was redirected to a pornography website. I attempted to go back but it redirected me to another pornography website so I closed the tab in my browser. I don't believe you've allowed this? I've seen nothing on your blog to indicate your support of the pornography industry so I felt I should inform you.

  6. Great thoughts and photos. Greetings!

  7. It would be so nice to live so close to the beach. Gorgeous sunset picture! Glad your husband is at a job he enjoys and you have a back-up computer.

  8. I had to laugh when I read that you went to the beach in your pjs to photograph the rising sun. That is dedication and you must have decent pjs.I just bought a new pair as my others were OLD and neglected looking.
    Your week sounds so lovely with walks through the wood, wave jumping, and making dinner together,
    And I am a bit jealous of your wonderful proximity to the ocean. So thanks for sharing your views and news from there.

  9. Such a beautiful view of God's handiwork you have where you live. But, then again, we all do...just in different forms. We can find Him in the smallest places and ways...some places are not as evident to us, but He is always there. :)

  10. Great post. The snapdragons are beautiful! Good luck with the computer :-)
    Thanks for participating in the Floral Friday Fotos meme!


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