11 June


to a mad tea 

on the sea

 we'll meet on the shore at dawn


-bring your own cup-

my cup is lovingly referred to as 

the peace pail

it holds quite a lot - which is nice

 let's set up here on this rock

colorful shell and pretty sea-glass

for tablescape

the tide is almost full on high now

dress is casual

i daresay there have been mornings 

i have walked the beach in my pajamas

but i have managed to put on 

a pair of capri's and a t-shirt for our party this morning

shoes may be left at the shore line

if you don't mind a bit of sand on your toes

hats are fun but optional

this one was left behind by an evening party

or perhaps it washed up from Mexico...

or the local taco joint

we will have beach roses and wild flowers

to grace us

 no vase required

 I am sorry to say we will be joined by a gull - or two

they are rather crass creatures

who do not wait for formal invitation

but crash into any party

with no introduction at all

if you bring a snack of any kind hold on to it tightly  

for if you leave it upon our make-shift table

those gulls will rather rudely eat the entire plate

and invite all their friends to join us without so much

as a moment's notice to the hostess

 i shall see you at dawn

with the sound of the waves 

as symphony 

and the light of the rising sun

for atmosphere

please pay a visit to the other

mad-tea partiers


and please accept the open invitation

to come back on Tuesday and join my first ever linky meme

Tuesday Afternoon
A Spirit of Simplicity



  1. I wouldn't mind the gulls. I'd just hang on to my cup in one hand and my hat in the other.

  2. Love the beach for a tea party! Stop by and have some tea with us, if you like! Robert :)

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful scenery, Thank you for a spot of calm in my day.
    If I have recovered from the party by Tuesday I hope to return for your lovely afternoon event.
    Feel free to remind me in a comment when you visit.

  4. Gorgeous! that was very relaxing, thank you so much and the gulls weren't a bother at all, it is the toucans you have to watch out for, ;) Kiss Noises Linda and Michelle, Two Market Tarts

  5. Love the tea by the sea theme, very peaceful and calming, did you make the cup? love the peace sign on it, please visit me here:
    Plumfield House Gardens


  6. A soothing break in the midst of the MAdNess.

  7. I absolutely love your kind of tea party...could easily imagine myself ambling along (barefoot of course )

  8. charming and a most welcome reprieve in the midst of the madness ... what a delightful and memorable spot!

  9. A tea party on the beach….perfect! I needed to get away! Lovely photography!

    Linking from A Fanciful Twist,
    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  10. Happy unbirthday to you...have a nice day

  11. Lovely post. While reading it, your words "no vase required" struck a chord within me. You see I collect titles for possible future poems I may write and those words are a great title. I will put them in my folder of titles I've collected and maybe someday soon you'll see a new poem on my blog titled "NO VASE REQUIRED." Have a blessed day.

  12. Wow, I can smell the ocean and feel the breeze on my face. Just lovely, what a beautiful place for tea and your mug says it all. Cheers, Sarah

  13. Ahhh...sanity among the madness! Love your simplistic take on the theme. Have a wonderfully inventive day!

  14. What a lovely post and mini respite from the world- what a beautiful spot -
    and I just love your Peace pail!

  15. Thank you for leaving a not at LGH. This all white room is not the norm for me..I am a black, white and red girl & really must force myself to throw in other colors [ like the pink] My living room sofa is ALL RED. and I understand about the "seasons of life" this is a new season for me in many ways..we had 3 boys and a girl ..the boys 13 & 18 months apart. my children are now 48-55- apologize for the reply here have to FIND my reply option in my blog comments...feel free to delete this.

  16. A lovely tea party that is for sure, for off to the seashore I would love to go.
    Thank you for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.

  17. So far, this has been the maddest tea party of them all... :-)

    Please come to my party: http://www.moonlyf.com/2015/07/8th-annual-mad-tea-party.html


  18. A wonderful post and photos!

  19. What a wonderful way to wake up and have tea....I love the pottery mug.

  20. That was beautiful and calming. I wanted to stay at the beach. Thank you. From the party over at Designing Fairy.

  21. Looks like you have a beautiful place to find some peace and enjoy a not-so-mad tea party! :) I'll add your linkup to my list. Thanks so much!

  22. Tea by the sea, yes, please! Beautiful post. I can feel the sand between my toes. Thank you!

  23. A calm and restful time here at your tea party.
    Would you please come over to my MAD HATTER party...?....it's not nearly as calm, tho. :)


  24. Such a peaceful tea party. I enjoyed the calmness and beautiful photos. I will certainly be back to visit again!
    God bless and Happy Unbirthday to You,
    Sherry - Sherry's Cabin

  25. Oh what a delightful and refreshing visit. I LOVE the beach and this brought back such delightful memories. Thank you! And here, I've brought you TWO cream puffs to enjoy as you listen to the sounds of the waves. Happy Tea Party-ing .

  26. Would love to come sit with you quietly and enjoy some tea by the sea... in my jammies.

  27. Thank you for visiting my tea post and for a lovely visit back. Your beach photos are so relaxing! A great tea party indeed!

    Kaye Swain

  28. What a very nice tea party post! I love the ocean and don't get to see it often enough, even though I live in Maine! I just love the peacefulness of what you have posted today.

    I hope you will join me at my blog for a bit of a Mad Tea Party adventure!

    Best wishes,

  29. This made me miss some very well loved beaches with fond memories attached to them.

  30. Never apologize for the presence of lovely birds, they only bring more life to the party. Love your photos!

    Happy Mad Tea Party. ♥

  31. I love your cup! I'm sorry I came only wearing a bathing suit, but I knew I'd have to jump into the water for a swim before I left. Thank you for a wonderful time!

  32. Loved your party by the sea. Just lovely and peaceful. Hugs,

  33. Hahahahaha! I live in Florida and know all too-well about how the Seagulls eat food right out of your hand or snatch it on the table. Naughty but loveable creatures. LOL - makes me laugh.

    Thank you for including me on the fun and here's the link to my party. You know me, I'm all about the DARK side of things, so it's "Wonderland After Dark - 2015" and how the party gets started after the fairy tale is over. ';)


  34. What a wonderful way to wake up and have tea in the morning,with the seagulls and sand in your toes. Thank you for visiting
    http://theonesixthscaledollhouse.blogspot.com ~Lisa

  35. Drat it all, I forgot to wipe my feet I was having so much fun.... your party transported me.... THanks for visiting my party.... and I look forward to Tueday at your place.

  36. Love the tea party on the beach!Gorgeous idea!

  37. I love the beach, so serene! Thank you for having me over. The sand gave me a wonderful pedicure!

  38. How magical would a beach tea party be? I love sand in my toes and sipping tea, watching the waves as they rush in and out would be delightful! And yes, I'll hold on tightly to my snack so the gulls don't grab it and take flight. Thanks for transporting me to a wonderful place!

  39. Ooh- I love that your tea party is so different & serene... Magickal!

  40. Truly tranquil tea here at the beach!

  41. This is a lovely tea party theme. Thanks for stopping by Tumbleweed Contessa's first public tea party.

    Have a tranquil weekend,

  42. This was great! Now I'm dying to have some tea on the beach this morning!

  43. Lovely party! sadly I didn't play this year.

  44. So beautiful, wish I was really there. Ah, beloved ocean..... thank you for sharing <3 Happiest mad tea party wishes <3, Vanessa

  45. What a gorgeous Seaside Celebration! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, your party was delightful!
    Thank you for being a most gracious hostess, my Dear!

  46. How gorgeous and serene! <3

    Sugar-coated hugs,

  47. Makes me want to meditate at the beach.

  48. Looks so peaceful there at the beach. I wish I was there as we are having 100 degree heat. Enjoyed my visit to your Mad Tea Party. take care, Darlene

  49. What a beautiful setting for a tea party!

  50. What a peaceful place. There are not many other places (than seaside) that my heart is so in tune with the world around me. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful scene! AND - thanks for stopping by Stringtown Home and checking out my tea. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  51. Mad tea at the sea is just MY cup of tea, gull guests and all! What a delight! Thanks for inviting us all and thanks also for coming to Marmelade Gypsy for my tea party!

  52. Thanks for coming to my party. Your images remind me of my visit to Loreto, Mexico (east side of Baja California). We visited my parents winter home. They also live near the ocean in California too.lucky!!!


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