5 June

~ 1 ~

Joe's birthday

the one I love

~ 2 ~

My daughter Hannah's birthday

the first person I ever loved more than I love myself

~ 3 ~

a sign from above that all will be well

~ 4 ~
walking the beach with the ones that I love

~ 5 ~

my beautiful Aunt Mame died this week

Although we will miss her

it was nice to get together with friends and family

to remember her and say goodbye




  1. Everything in life should have a foundation of love!

  2. Hope it's a very happy birthday Joe!

  3. I am so sorry to learn of your aunt's passing. I do trust that the family is doing well. Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Oh, I am SO sorry you lost your dear aunt! Aunts are such special people, and it is incredibly hard to say good-bye to them. May God comfort your heart as you grieve. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. God has blessed you with a beautiful family. :) Happy Birthday to your husband, and God bless all of you!! :)

  5. Nice family pictures, sad that your aunt passed away !

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter and yes it is true of daughters the love is unmatched. I am so sorry about your aunt. Hugs B

  7. What a beautiful collection of favorites. You are so blessed to have the ones you love!

    Your Aunt Mame is gorgeous in that photo!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt Mame passing. Though sad, funerals can provide for great time to visit with family and friends and to reminiscence.

    I haven't walked on a beach in so long - I have fond memories of it.

  9. I love that picture of your aunt although I'm sorry to hear of her passing.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby! And to your daughter as well!
    How I love walks on the beach, too!

  10. Good memories this week, new ones and old ones.


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