12 june

~ 1 ~

the fragrant antique peonies are abloom in the garden

~ 2 ~
my beautiful daughter Bonnie

came over with a friend for some beach combing treasure hunting

~ 3 ~

Summer day in the park

~ 4 ~

stomping 'round the streets

we grew up on

twisted paths and crooked alleys

this is actually a public roadway

built about 275 years before the first automobile

~ 5 ~

my style ~ such as it is

we live on a rather tiny island near Boston

we are connected to the mainland by a 2 mile causeway

and have beaches on either side of our house

so...my "style", such as it is, is anything that works with

 salty air, ocean breezes

and sand

we have a good amount of company in the summer time

so there are plenty of extra sweatshirts and

big beach towels hanging on hooks in the hallway

this is a rocking chair in my kitchen that gets plenty of use

being curled up on in the morning sunshine

or while waiting for fresh cookies to come out of the oven

jars of seaglass sit on the windowsill behind the chair

and a little plant stand holds an old honey jar full of paintbrushes

in case one feels artistic


  1. What a great style! So relaxed. http://thedustycellar.blogspot.com/2015/06/summer-pleasures.html

  2. I love the stone walls and fences along side of it. Have a great weekend.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Wonderful post, fantastic pictures.

  4. Pretty pictures! Love the boat on the water <3 Nothing says summer like the sun and some fun in the water!

  5. Your house seems to stand in a very beautiful location !

  6. love the photos and your style! we are HUGE Boston fans in every way even though we live in NY and our oldest just graduated from Gordon College. she is hoping to land a graphic design job and affordable apt somewhere in the greater boston area. we LOVE Gordon and the surrounding area.....so gorgeous! and once summer officially gets here on June 21 we will have only 4 more days of school for me and my youngest. then we head to cape cod for a week! i enjoyed your faves!

  7. What gorgeous photos! Your style sounds relaxed and welcoming,

  8. I love the photo of your beautiful daughter !

  9. I love reading your fave fives...and your style, my new found friend. Your home sounds wonderful, as well as the location! The cute pillow in the rocking chair is precious! Did you paint the fabric and make the pillow? Guess what? I love sea glass. However, I live in the mountains rather than by the sea. Our daughter lives in DE, and when she and her family came for Mother's Day my son-in-law gave me a beautiful little glass container with a pewter hummingbird and leaves on top...and inside were some teeny tiny shells and some sea glass! Love it and it went in our "ocean" type bathroom. :) Have a great weekend!

  10. Your home sounds so lovely. My second daughter is named Bonnie. :) I love the name but it took her a few years to come to appreciate it.

  11. Wonderful shots and a delightful portrait of your beautiful daughter.
    Thanks for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos!


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