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30 June

so gently swaying through the fairy land of love

30 June

rainy day tea time scrabble

It has been a rather gloomy spring here
many grey and cool days
 the first weekend of summer 
was stormy
so it was an indoor weekend
perfect for games and tea of an afternoon

friends sharing tea
Tuesday cuppa
teacup tuesday
corner view

30 June

loves me - loves me not....
it seems a little tough to tell lately

They'll know we are Christians by our love

Seriously, not feeling the love lately
If we could all just stop judging each other

and hating each other
and killing each other 
in the name of religion
that'd be great
thanks so much ~ t


29 June

the random

yellow flowers in the rocky crevices

along the shore at Canoe beach

the fun
frisbee in the park of an evening

the good
The last day of school was on Tuesday...bye-bye 2nd and 5th graders

the good, the random, the fun
mosaic monday

mellow yellow monday

28 June

early morning is my favorite time of day

so much peace and promise


trying to hold back the wind

the sky
one big bright beautiful pink cloud just sitting there above our house

this way is home


photographer's choice

I love this shot. It's an old one from a family vacation in Vermont.

There was a fish under the dock...

scavenger hunt Sunday

27 June

the stove in our kitchen 
from whence all good things come

t ~~~

there are no gorgeous back splashes at our house

only the old horsehair plaster walls

which are in a very sad state of disrepair

 above the stove in our kitchen hangs art-work

created by our family members

and this is one of my favorite views

When we have company

we sit at the round table in the dining room

those who don't face a window with an ocean view

face a mirror reflecting the view

I choose the only seat in the room that doesn't have an outside view

so the stove in our kitchen is what i see

friends and family gathered 'round

loving - laughing

enjoying a feast

brought forth from the stove in our kitchen

still saturday sunday stillness  spiritual sunday sundays at home 
making your home sing
make it pretty
the art of homemaking
a return to loveliness
Monday musings
titus 2 tuesdays

26 June

this is my response to a beautiful and heart-felt letter of apology to those who were treated poorly at church which was posted by Melanie Redd at Ministry of hope.
I strongly encourage you to read it on her blog because it is beautifully and sincerely written. Also, and this is very important, my response here is in no way meant to criticize her letter or blog post. On the contrary, I was truly touched and my heart was opened and softened by her letter.
I just feel that there is a very urgent need for us to discuss these issues and bring them out into the open. I think that was her intent...we cannot move into light if we shut each other out in darkness. We need to share out thoughts and opinions so that we can truly understand where the other person is coming from and how what we do and say affects those around us.

so here is my response to Melanie and please feel free to comment...though I may regret saying that....

 Wonderful, wonderful post. I have been to many, many different …

26 June

~ 1 ~
I met my mother for breakfast the other morning

and we spent some time at the town landing

watching the harbor

~ 2 ~

The boys and I had a huge squirt gun fight in the park of an afternoon

I suppose you might say that Joey lost because he was the wettest of us all

I'm sure he considered himself the winner though

~ 3 ~

We watched JAWS on Wednesday night.

One of my favorite movies of all times.

I watch it almost every year about this time.

~ 4 ~
Every year, on the last day of school, we walk the beach in the gloaming

~ 5 ~

roses along the wharf

smell so sweet

friday fave five floral friday
today's flowers dancing with Jesus faithful at home
friday my town shoot out 
home sweet home

25 june

coffee with Reetsy

My mum and I met for breakfast at the little diner on the harbor

 afterward we walked to the old fort

and then sat at the town landing for an hour

listening to the boats come in and out

enjoying the peace and comfort

and thankful for the company of one another

sometimes, being at home, is stepping out with the ones you love

little things thursday
i choose joy
thankful thursday
share your cup
share your style
shine blog hop
thought provoking thursday
home and garden thursday

24 June

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.

Is this what we do? Or do we smile politely and turn away because we don't want to

see ourselves or what we perceive as lacking in ourselves in any other mother. 

some of the other versions say:

build one another up

strengthen one another

Do we build each other women, as sisters, as friends, as mothers?

Occasionally, my mother used to drive us to school - in her pajamas....

often she would drive right past the school until we yelled - mum! And she would turn

the car 'round and we would all scramble out as quick as we could before anyone saw us.

I've done the same thing with my own morning I drove back and forth

past the school three times before my children finally stopped me!

I even knew a woman whose car broke down on her way home from dropping her son off

at the middle school. She had to walk to the local coffee shop to call her ex-husband


24 June


23 June

tuesday afternoon
chasing the clouds away

23 June

It's been rather rainy of late...and cool.
I have been taking tea porch-side
with a bit of a book in the afternoons.
 a blanket thrown over my shoulders

to ward off the ocean breeze

today's particular passage 
told me I was right where I needed to be

of that there has never been any doubt

friends sharing tea tuesday cuppa tea time teacuptuesday 
titus 2 Tuesday

22 June

Let all that you do
be done in love
1 Corinthians 16:14
~  ~  ~
in the morning i sit at the soapstone table in the kitchen
sipping coffee and watching the hill that leads into the village

i love this time of day

this early morning that holds so much promise

the birds bicker and twitter at the porch feeders

they are plump and well cared for

i will water the plants out there this afternoon

and clean the microwave

and do the laundry

and put away the crayons that those boys left out

after making Father's Day cards

every task becomes singular and filled with importance

when done with love
~ ~ ~

making your home sing
monday musings
good morning monday
I choose joy
sharing his beauty

22 June

the good
giant lollipops

the random

sweet little sparrow couple on the beach wall

the fun

21 June

daddy lovin' is very special

it has become our habit
to play frisbee in the park
on beautiful evenings

exploring ant hills


on the sea

scavenger hunt sunday

20 june

purple finches on the balusters

hopping about

Exodus 32:18
It is not the sound of shouting for victory, or the sound of the cry of defeat,
but the sound of singing that I hear.

saturday photo hunt

19 june

~ 1 ~ my children are grown now and Joe's boys are much too young to think about graduating but we seem to have a bouquet of graduating teenagers in our lives right now. It's so much fun to see them with such wonder and possibility in their eyes. 
~ 2 ~ A friend is on the other side of a year long intense battle with cancer.  It was such a pleasure to spend some time with her the other day.
~ 3 ~

I went to a table setting and single flower competition with my mother the other day. It was put on by her gardening club. It was very sweet and old fashioned. I felt as if I should have worn a pillbox hat and white gloves.
I was the youngest person there....and that doesn't happen too often these days.

~ 4 ~

the warmer weather has Joe and I out on the porch in the evenings.  Sipping wine with the geraniums in the last of the dying daylight.
~ 5 ~ We are  in the final week of spring. It's been fairly chilly here this year. We've had a few days in the 80s, which is unseas…

18 june

I've been working in the garden
and sowing seeds

the landlord is an older gentleman who is experiencing some health issues
He loves to sit out of doors in his yard and watch the town folk 
walking to and from the beach
he likes to sit on the front porch chatting with the passers-by and exchanging stories about winters past

with his old man friends

I plant the red geraniums for him
pink and white petunias
tomatoes and cucumbers 
basil and parsley 
seeds of kindness and good deeds
sown with the begonias under the shade trees
so thankful to share an afternoon with such 
a sweet old gentleman 
and enjoy a beautiful garden all summer long