4 may

the good

in the evening as joe and i sat with the windows open to the porch

i heard a different bird at the feeder

when I got up to investigate i saw the goldfinches

well, there was such a glorious back-show

of setting sun that it was difficult to make out that they were, indeed, goldfinches

I took a few pictures and didn't even see the second one 

until I looked at the image on my lap-top

I have been trying to entice those goldfinches 

to our porch for a few years...

now that they know it is good here

they will come back every season.


the fun

I made my first ice coffee of the season lastnight

and I am drinking it out of a mason jar

with a straw!

the random

lupines are up in the gardens

soon there will be blossoms!





  1. I love Lupines! Do you know the story Miss Rumphius?

  2. Lovely! I like how the bird on top is sort of blended in like a chameleon would do. Cool!

  3. I love your edit on your bird shot. Just yesterday I was sitting by the back door reminiscing the days when our bird feeder was filled with this and that bird - but since the neighbor's herd of feral cats claimed our fenced in area as their safe haven, we no longer entice birds for fear of their ultimate 'last meal'.

  4. so beautiful and it seems like the finch sitting on top is actually posing for the photographer!!

  5. The gold finches are cute! What kind of coffee do you use for your iced coffee? Am looking for a good recipe:) Enjoy your week!

  6. What a wonderful shot of the goldfinches at the feeder - that's a 'keeper'!


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