24 may

My mirror shows my face to me
and it is fair enough to see
with scarce a mark of age or foe
and I am glad to have it so

when many years have passed away
I shall look in the glass one day
and have it tell me whether I
have lived with life or passed it by


crisp clothes on the clothes line

me 'yakin....from a few years ago.

It takes energy to row the kayak around the lake

negative space

our pal sal





  1. Great shots once again! Thanks for sharing at OBW!!

  2. Beautiful photos and wise photos concerning aging!

  3. Very nice set of images here. I like the filter that you applied to the mirror prompt. Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. Beautiful images, I especially love the Mirror and Stripes pics.

  5. Gorgeous - you take amazing shots!

  6. Good shots. Your dog is beautiful.

    R. Täysin arkista

  7. This is such a nice poem. I really liked it. Do you know who wrote it, or was it written by you?


  8. Thank you for sharing the middle part of the poem. It really is a nice one, and I loved how the words flowed so well. :~)

  9. This is a lovely post! What a wonderful poem too. I love your photos, and the especially the little worn away shell... just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing with Our Beautiful World

  10. Great shots, thanks for sharing at "OBW"


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