11 may

the random

saturday morning was plant sale day

at the church on the corner

I stopped for coffee on the way

and filled my cardboard box

with strawberry plants


and a beautiful purple plant

which I have forgotten the name of
while browsing the book table

with my cardboard coffee cup in one hand

i came across this beautiful book

Diary of a Rose Lover

i have spent a good part of the late afternoon

admiring the watercolor illustrations

the good

fresh baked frosted cinnamon rolls

still warm from the oven

baked fresh by the pastor's wife

famous through out the congregation


the fun

spotting giant snapping turtles

in the stream along the path through the wood

the good, the random, the fun




  1. All fun to me! :) And, now I can practically smell those cinnamon rolls...

  2. That sounds like a perfect Saturday!

  3. It's always fun to find some turtles.

  4. Seems you had a wonderful day! Great shots!

  5. It sounds like the sort of May Saturday that will will warm you through and through when it is February again.

  6. Sounds like a perfect day!

  7. This book is really a treasure !

  8. Sounds fantastic! Love the plants and book you got! X

  9. Just beautiful, I adore your last photo!

  10. What a great day. Love that watercolour.


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