17 April

~ 1 ~

it's been ever so long a  winter

we broke our own record for snowfall

never having had so much before 

just about 111 inches here!

~ 2 ~

daffodils are in bloom 
on the sunny hillside over looking town
fresh and new 

they nod their yellow heads together

as if to say

my word....did you ever see such a winter

~ 3 ~

there is rain today

but tomorrow is to be bright and sunny and warm

~ 4 ~

I hear the birds as I sip my tea in the morning

a pair of cardinals that visit the porch and eat the seed that falls 

~ 5 ~

I am getting together with my sweet Bonnie this afternoon

which is one of my most favorite things to do....

even in the rain


  1. glad spring has arrived! i love the daffies talking to each other about winter ;) we've had a couple of rainy days here but tomorrow will be sunny and almost 80! my boys have a baseball game so i'm looking forward to the sunshine and baseball! enjoy your visit...thanks for linking and have a great weekend!!

  2. #1 It sure has been.
    #2 They sure are.
    #3 It sure is.
    #4 I hear the birds, but no tea for me.
    #5 Sadly I've no sweet Bonnie.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Good Morning, it is lovely to see the daffodils.. and listen to the birds early in the morning.. have great time with your Bonnie.. Happy Friday!

  4. Wow that's a lot of snow, we had none this winter in my corner of the UK, but I'm still enjoying the Spring.
    Clare x

  5. It's really good having you back, I've missed the warm glow and wisdom of your postings.

  6. Wow your snow fall was a lot. Pretty much "Nada" here.
    The Daffodils are lovely. Ours bloomed early so they are almost done for spring this year.
    Sunny here for the next week - Hooray!
    Enjoy your time with Bonnie and have a beautiful weekend.

  7. Oh my, a lot of snow !
    The daffodils are so pretty !
    Have a wonderful time with your Bonnie ...

  8. Sorry winter was so long! Glad the daffodils and spring rain bring a sunny promise of better , warmer days! Have fun with your daughter! Ours came by yesterday and it was a lovely visit!


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