9 january

long ago, before i had children

i gave this candle holder to my mum at christmas time

i found it in a pottery shop 

which was in the back garage of an old home

i had passed while walking

now it sits on my small altar

in honor of the potter who made it

 in honor of my mum
and in honor of who we once were


  1. Seems to me a wonderful way to remember those we love/loved.

  2. ........you're killing me 😪
    Love it
    We are spirit sisters

  3. Lovely. I love pottery, such a labor of love to make things with our hands.

  4. A lovely candle holder with memories to match. Beautiful.

  5. What a lovely sentiment. I was given my grandma's old Singer sewing machine at Christmas. Like your candle holder it's very simple (not electric or anything fancy like that), and very useful. She taught me to sew on it a lifetime ago, and now I feel a real connection with her and my childhood when I use it. It's strange and rather wonderful how these things can draw us closer to those who have gone. All the best, Bonny

  6. What a wonderful piece to honor both your mom and the potter! Thanks for visiting me. Happy to be a new follower.

  7. A truly beautiful sentiment! I love that something that was handmade with love brings joy to so many people. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful...the image and the tribute! Love your processing!

  9. You certainly a sweet job on the edit of your precious candleholder. We do hold dear those things that once belonged to ones we love....


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