6 January

jopeye weed

in the high-cliff field

as I type the wind is ferociously blowing about this rather tiny

 island. The waves on the sound are white-capped and the tide is

coming up on high. the thermometer on the porch tells me that it is

34 degrees Fahrenheit but the wind chill makes it feel like 24!

Later I will dress up with scarf and hat and mittens and walk along

the narrow roads in the sheltered spots of town and stay away

from the blustery coast. 

This morning though, I sit in my toasty warm living room sipping my tea and watching

the gusty wind batter the pines to and fro.


  1. I hope to see some of those island images from your walk. Have a great day.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Milkweed not joe pyre weed I think
    But I enjoyed your awakening morning
    Must be wonder filled living by the water
    Nice post

  3. The withered plant looks made of cloth. Though I like winter for its simple and plain appearance, I’d like to stay inside when strong cold wind feels like a razor cutting through the air. Stay warm and be safe.


  4. This reminds me to get outside and take some photos of some lovely dried weeds...even though it's only 11°F outdoors this morning.

  5. That's a rather sad picture !

  6. I would like to walk in your island too!

  7. Brr I can see through your eyes it sounds cold and blustery. Keep warm...

  8. You are a much braver soul than I. Our weather is cold and windy and I'm staying cocooned inside, going out only when absolutely necessary. Such a lovely photo, great edit.

  9. Stay warm and enjoy your walk.

  10. Creative shot and very descriptive post ~ can feel the wind and taste the warmth of your 'cup o' tea'

    Happy New Year,
    artmusedog and carol

  11. I love the colors and textures in your image!

  12. Sometimes it is nice to stay inside and watch the weather rather than being out in it. I love the texture in your image. Stay warm!

  13. Original image! Your blog is very interesting, I imagine to live on a small island, is not only interesting, but all a life choice! Very brave indeed. Cheers and stay warm!

  14. Wonderful imagery. I can imagine the cold.

  15. Lovely texture and image.. It has been windy here too, stay warm! Have a happy day!

  16. That photo certainly depicts the cold as does your beautiful writing!

  17. beautifully processed :)

    NatureFotostep at

  18. I would love to walk around on your island, despite the cold. Stay warm!

  19. Wonderful colors and great composition. It is about +5 F here today.

  20. Lovely shot and writing.

  21. Beauty even in its final days.

  22. Hmm, that actually sounds warm to me!
    Beautiful shot!


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