30 january


the blizzard of 2015

as in Alaska weather

hit us hard

we were snowed in Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Roads closed, schools cancelled, government and town offices closed

Honestly, I am still a bit fragmented from all of it

I can't seem to get my thoughts together

Yesterday afternoon, I went out snowshoeing

through the path in the wood

it was bright and beautiful

and still and serene

one could imagine they were the only person on earth

when the wood looks like that


this morning they are telling us that there is more snow on the way

but only a few inches

just enough to cover everything up again


We will have the boys with us this weekend

it has been quite a while since they've been here

we will take them out snowshoeing


  1. A peaceful calm after the storm! Pretty.

  2. Your winter wonderland photo is stark and stunning. I can imagine your quite snowy walk. Lovely, but I can also see how you'll be ready for a bit less winter.

  3. Dear
    It most be beautiful to see all that snow - untouch...
    Wonderful photo!


  4. that will be fun playing in the snow-enjoy!

  5. Another amazing photo - have fun with your boys!!

  6. Wonderful light fluffy snow!

  7. thanks for sharing your photos and snow adventures with us in sky watch

    my blog moved to: www.pearlmaple.com

  8. I live in texas but still well remember the beauty of a perfect snow and out looking around appreciating t he perfect quiet and beauty. ENJOY and your photo is lovely

  9. Phew, what a world ! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Sorry you were caught in all that! Your comment about snowshoeing though was lovely...the world must seem pristine and calm when out in the deep snowy woods like that! Loved the photo.

  11. that photo is just BEAUTIFUL!!! seriously! we still haven't had any snow and i laugh when you say that you are expecting a little more but "just a few inches" ha, that alone would shut us down! so how much did you end up with? i hope you had a great time with the boys!! thank you for linking and i am very sorry it took me so long to visit you!!


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