28 january


the blizzard of 2015


If this was last week at ABC Wednesday I could have done B is for Blizzard!!

I will have to settle for Crashing waves.

This is the latter half of the Blizzard of 2015.

It had been snowing and blowing here for about 24 hours 

when I took this picture at about 4:30 last evening.

It snowed for almost 30 hours

and this morning dawned gray and white

with continuing rough seas.

watery wednesday


  1. Hope you weathered it well! It snowed for about 34 hours here - 2+ feet and no where to put it!!

  2. Oh, how I love your photos...
    It's because of views like that I would like to live near the sea!

  3. Oh my! scary, don´t go near that sea!!!!! great shots!

  4. Hope the situation is much Calmer now.
    Happy ABCW!

  5. amazing photos-almost like a painting

  6. Brrr! Sounds like you made it through safely. Love those pictures.

  7. Gorgeous and a little awe-inspiring! Glad you are on the back end of the blizzard, too!

  8. !. Be safe..... 2. Awesome shots!!!!! Wow!

    diane @ thoughts & shots

  9. Wow, this is incredible. As horrible as those crashing waves can be, being out of harms way and watching them land where they do it's a magical view! Stay very safe.

  10. We had much the same, minus the waves. Didn't dump near what they forecasted, thankfully.

  11. Wow! Such a dramatic sea! Since you're posting, I'm guessing you did not lose power. Now the worst is past ... for this time. Take care!

  12. Oh my gosh, what dramatic photos! WOW!

  13. Awesome photos of the raging water from the storm. Nice...:)

  14. Wow natures amazing hope the weather treating you a bit more kindly soon
    Clare x

  15. Looks like you were hit with the worst of it. We were very lucky here in NY with only 8-10" which is not too bad. Maybe this will be the worst of the year. Your photos are beautiful!

  16. Wow! What a stunning shot! I can feel the cold!

  17. Those shots are amazing...I hope you have your power and doing OK.....

  18. Powerful waves. I had no idea you also had furious waves along with the snow. Best wishes to you.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  19. Dramatic and gorgeous!

  20. Beautiful pictures!AriadnefromGreece!

  21. Wow, that first picture is beautiful. I can not imagine living right on the coast there and having those waves so very close to my home. I am sure on a good weather day there is nothing more beautiful than being that close to the water but on a bad weather day-YIKES!


  22. Had some crashing waves from a blizzard in Massachusetts that knocked down the sea wall in places. yikes!


  23. And so it continues for you -I cannot relate at all to this type of weather. Such a powerful part of nature with a mind of it's own!


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