27 january

of a morning

dawn came up over a woodland snowfall

this morning we will not see dawn rising

the blizzard rages over 

our rather tiny island

all night we heard the wind and the tides

crashing about

though we couldn't even make out the 

beach just across the street

all day it will be much the same here

the snow will come down sideways in the wind

late into the night the snow will continue

until tomorrow morning

which will dawn bright and white again


  1. gorgeous winter.... stunning.

    have a beautiful day... xo, Kim

  2. You have some very beautiful photos and words here on your lovely blog. I found a real sense of peace looking through your January posts. Thank you for visiting me again, It gave me a chance to spend some more time with you.

  3. Love the quiet, simplicity of your photo. I hope you stay safe during the storm.

  4. beautiful winter can be so spectacular

  5. That is a lovely shot. When the storm clears you should have some wonderful pictures.

  6. So very serene and beautiful.

  7. What a stunning winter scene! From what I've seen on the news, it looks like New England has born the brunt of this storm and the reports out of Cape Cod and Nantucket are daunting. I hope you're well and warm!

  8. Hope all is well nice time to snuggle down and relax nothing else you can do. Hug B

  9. So pretty! Love the golden glow in the background.

  10. This is a true winter wonderland. Stay safe and warm through that snow storm.

  11. Stay safe and warm. It sounds like quite the storm in your part of the world.

  12. You have captured Winter's Beauty! Thanks for sharing in the Texture Twist!!

  13. Beautiful words and shot ... :-D
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  14. Wishing you warmth, hot chocolate, and safety from this storm. We in Ohio only got a bit and were lucky this time. Love your photo and the sun on the horizon and the words are great that you shared. :)

  15. The golds in the wintery white scene are stunning! Hope you're staying cozy and warm in the storm.

  16. So beautiful! Stay safe and warm!

  17. Absolutely lovely... I admit I'm jealous of your accessibility to such beautiful winter snow. I am still waiting for winter.

  18. Hmmm, I was writing a comment and it just disappeared. Frustrating. Anyway, I like the images of the crashing waves.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous image --the gold against white...

  20. Mother Nature -she is amazing!! Stay warm and stay safe!

  21. Beautiful, that looks like a painting.


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