12 january


the good

the library in our little town held an open house on Saturday the occasion was to welcome the town into the world of libraries with computers. We've been using the Dewey decimal system all along and only just added a computer system this past summer. Honestly, I sort of miss the old ways since it was like a portal back in time. But, progress must be made.

 The Nahant Public Library was founded in 1819, the third oldest in Massachusetts after Franklin and Harvard. Our library became a free public library in 1872. The present library building was designed by the Boston firm of Ball and Dabney, and opened June 1, 1895, and was the first electrified building in Nahant.

the random

i broke a tooth and have to go to the dentist today


the fun

Bonnie's birthday celebration


  1. Your library is in a beautiful building, and how lovely to see how it is modernizing for its patrons!

  2. Libraries a perfect place for a little computer updating!

  3. I love to spend time in libraries, but not in dentist offices...The dentist part of the day will be over before you know it...

  4. How cool to have a little library celebration! What a great history of the library, too!

  5. There was an art to selecting and locating a book in the old dewey system. Your library is beautiful, congratulations on the birthday celebration, and boo on the tooth.

  6. The Nahant Library is an attractive building and it's GREAT that it now uses computers. I'm sure you'll like that once you get used to it!

  7. Oh, gosh! I love your library. Somehow, looking at it from the outside, one can believe that the Dewey system really suits it better than a computer system. 😉😉

  8. Good luck with the tooth thing, that's never a good thing.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Ouch about your tooth! That building is gorgeous and so is your blessing.


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