1 january

a sort of a review of 2014


I love you

Joe and I with his three sons and my two daughters.

It was quite an accomplishment to get us all in one place!

still laughing

Joey was pretending to do the "nestea dive"

into the water

but it looks like he is about to break into a Gershwin song

winter wonderland

I'm not sure if I would exactly call this a wonderland

but it is certainly winter

this is the beach across the street 

The icy Atlantic!


my daughter, Hannah's, 26th birthday

she is the blonde in the snazzy sun glasses


my best and dearest

one of my oldest

love of my life

brothers are the best of friends

well...most of the time

I was inspired

by the waterlogue app

 once in a while something comes along

that really awakens the playful photographer in me

spring fever

Memorial Day is a huge thing on our rather tiny island

the town workers start cleaning up the parks and beaches

at the beginning of May

We have a big parade and the entire town turns out

to greet each other after the long winter

Everything ends at the cemetery on the hill

where every Veteran's grave has a flag

it means the beginning of the high season

time to get back outside again

travel or vacation

we live on a rather tiny island

which is connected to the mainland by a two mile causeway

this is the beach reservation that runs along the causeway

we don't travel much

summer days

we set up a futon on the porch and spent many summer days out there

watching the ocean and people going to the beach

we even spent a few nights out there

listening to the waves in our dreams

a day in my life

so...every day of my life I have seen these towers or stacks

they are part of the Salem, MA power plant

and the place where Joe worked up until May

when the plant closed

three of the four towers have been torn down now

and by this time next year the last and tallest tower

will be gone as well

Gone will be the old coal plant built in the 1950's

to make room for a new gas plant

all smiles

Sally always makes us all smile

autumn harvest

a hundred acorns

family or home

our home on this rather tiny island

as I walked back from the beach


a Mother's day walk on the beach with part of our family

lets do it again

Some of us jumped off the rocky cliffs of the quarries for the first time this summer

and we can't wait to do it again next summer!


there is beauty in simplicity


Independence Day fireworks

my favorites

my beautiful daughter Bonnie

My beautiful daughter Hannah

don't ever change

beach waters...tide ebbs and flows

I hope to live right here on this rather tiny island

with the love of my life

and our jabberwocky serendipitous  family

for the rest of our lives

just because

this image is from outside our dining room windows

last February...

hopes and dreams

this is a mural of me which is hanging on the wall of the community college

that I go to

when I signed the permission slip I had no idea that they would do this

My hopes and dreams for the future are that I am able to continue my education


  1. That was really quite fabulous. I loved every image - waterlogue and as-taken. You have a beautiful family, and you are quite lovely in all those photos. Happy New Year!

  2. What a beautiful place where you live! Looks like you had a great year! Happy 2015!

  3. What a beautiful post and how lucky you are to have such a nice family with you! I love the doggie kiss photo most of all.

    May 2015 be your best year ever!!! Hugs from BC Canada, G

  4. I'm loving the painting effect you're using. So very cool.


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