4 December

the PTO christmas tree stand is open in the lowlands

We can see this from our kitchen window

the mothers and fathers volunteering at the stand

when the sunsets they light a fire in an old metal barrel

and gather around it to keep warm

You can see the dune grasses in the image and the wind coming

off the Atlantic get's pretty chilly

Children run around with each other

father's tie trees to the tops of cars with rope

grandmothers bring hot cocoa and homemade cookies

to the helpers


  1. you have painted a wonderful picture. My most fond memory of my father is going with my brothers and father to the tree lot to pick out our Christmas tree. There was always cold and snow and bare bulbs strung over the trees......by time we got home we were frozen but giddy with delight.....it was here...Christmastime.....thanks for the memory

  2. Pretty painting, and even lovely images dance through my head as I read your sweet poem.

  3. such lovely editing, as always

  4. This is so sweet to see because it seems that these little Christmas tree stands run by non-profit groups are disappearing. Used to be you could find them everywhere in town. Even in our small town, they're very hard to find.

  5. I have a wonderful mental image from your words!


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