19 december

a few random thoughts

One year I walked through the Christmas tree farm just before the mad rush.

I had no plans to purchase a tree so the pressure was off.

I just took my camera for a stroll.

I got the best images and this is one of them that I have doctored up.


we have colored lights on our tree this year for the first time in a long while.

Those boys like the colored lights more so, of course,

we went right out and purchased new lights.

I like the white kind the best

but I like those boys more than I like white lights.


Every morning I make coffee in my french press.

I love the whole process of making it and I love the way it sounds

as I pour the water in.

It doesn't stay hot very long though....


I lost my copy of It's a Wonderful Life.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find it available to watch

either on line or on demand?

We have to wait until they show it (with commercials) on Saturday night.

I'm going to buy another copy this afternoon


Tomorrow afternoon we will be taking those boys to the Christmas party

on this rather tiny island

they will get to see Santa

then after dark the island's Christmas Parade will travel past our house

and up the hill

I love this stuff. 

Friday finds


  1. I'm with you on white lights, but like you, we also have colored lights --because the kids love them. :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. You certainly are in the Christmas spirit!

  3. I love the white lights on trees, but hubby likes colored so colored it is.

  4. oops, something happened. Happy Holidays!

  5. I changed to white lights after my children moved out on their own and started their own family ... they were aghast! But now one of them has white lights ;)

  6. This sounds like the most lovely family evening! {I'm with you on the white lights. :-D And, no, you're not alone, nor am I, in taking photos at breakfast.} Merry Christmas!

  7. I am chuckling as I read this. We switched to the white lights as soon as our kids moved out.

  8. Yes, I have a white light preference too, but as a mum, I'd go for coloured to keep my little man happy. All the best, Bonny

  9. Such beautiful thoughts! I always liked the blue lights best myself.
    My late father always enjoyed decorating for Christmas. He was a stickler about everything coming down the day after New Years. I'm one of those cretins who tends to leave everything up till Valentine's day, although, to be honest, I've not much felt like trying to decorate since my dad died four years ago.
    Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays, and thank you for visiting me at poetryofthenetherworld.blogspot.com


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