8 October

we went to Maine

to visit the cousins

this is an app called flipagram

in case you didn't notice it's shameless advertising in the video 

which is one of the things I don't care for

the other being that it sometimes clips the photos

other than that though it's a great app

and lots of fun!


  1. If the app is offered for free, then I wouldn't mind their advertising it on each photo. It looks as if fun was had by all. I especially like the posing with the swings, unusual since no one was sitting. This is the kind of fun that I wish for all kiddos who know no amusement activities except through the computer or hand-held ones.

  2. Oh so many smiles! Beautiful. Worth putting up with the Flipagram logo just to see those smiles. This will be a treasured memory of your trip. I have a friend who frequently does vimeo slideshows usually mostly stills, sometimes a mix of video and stills, and then sends them to select friends. Such a grand way to preserve memories. Good for you!


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