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28 September

the Key to my heart

one of my favorite groups of words is

in the gloaming

which is rather old fashioned

we walked the beach in the gloaming

we had an impromptu end of the summer celebration
there were wild flowers in a can on the picnic table
and hot dogs on the grill at lake Megunticook 

 I don't know if I would say this is my best photograph ever. I do love it though.
It makes me laugh every time I see it. 
 silly boys

scavenger hunt sunday

27 september


25 September


19 September

the first thing to upon coming home is a bunch of yellow flowers 
in an old honey jar
sitting in the sunshine 
on the soapstone kitchen table

friday finds

18 September

Joe comes home and puts his keys on the table
 I love it when we are home together
little things thursday

15 September

the good

I have started attending a U.U. church and I really like it. I have a sort of Asian/earth based/web of life sort of a belief system with it's roots firmly in science and's not so easy for me to find a church where I feel at home.
Yesterday's service was all about "home" and it was good.

the random
 I heard a service about what home is this week. Sometimes we live in beautiful homes with beautiful furniture but do not feel home. Other times we drift around in no particular order but know what home feels like.
I have found home in the arms of the man I walk beside...or I should say that we have found home in each other. Finally.

the fun
I met up with my grown daughters and we visited a sunflower field at a local farm! 

the good, the random, the fun

14 September


we got ourselves all packed

and headed down east

to visit with the cousins

Little Joey's got a ways to go before he can travel in his daddy's boots

little kiwi

 Joe's sister's dog

is just too cute

my favorite man

scavenger hunt sunday

13 September

the summer's gone and all the roses falling
the saturday photo hunt

saturday photo hunting

the first thing I thought of was

Jug of Punch

the second thing was an old fashioned

bootlegger's jug

or a blue grass jug band

none of which I happened to have anywhere near me

the best I could do is a bunch of flowers

in an old honey jar

12 September

I love the way the morning sunlight streams through the window above our kitchen sink
and lights upon the open shelves 
teapots, mason jars and my grandmother's rolling pin
look like treasured jewels 

anything blue Friday

Friday finds