15 july

my father's typewriter

When I was a girl my father typed a daily column for a Boston newspaper on an 

old school typewriter much like this one.

I remember hearing the sounds of his fingers on the keys as he typed.


  1. So beautiful ... love old typewriters !
    Have a nice week,

  2. And wouldn't your father be astounded at what is available now to help him develop his craft and columns?!

  3. Memories are build on sounds like that and, to hear them again, is a time machine.

  4. I love old typewriters and your processing is great..

  5. It's such a specific sound. What an incredibly beautiful memory.

  6. The vintage editing is perfect! And, yes ... I remember these typewriters, too. They're collectors items now. Hmmm. I'm not sure I like what that says about how long I've been around! :-D

  7. What a wonderful memory... and lovely processing. I remember using a typewriter (not as pretty as this one) and correction tape. Seems so long ago...

  8. What a cool shot! So artsy!

  9. Great editing. Fits the subject matter beautifully. Love those old typewriters.

  10. my parents bought me a Remington when I was in high school. how proud I was! I love whatever you did to accomplish this image.

  11. Awesome photo -- and this was your father's typewriter while he worked. Goosebumps here!

  12. Wonderful editing! (I remember typewriters, too!)

  13. Great shot of the typewriter. Nice editing. I still have my portable typewriter and use it occasionally.


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