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2 August

in the quietude

in searching for the way

it is sometimes necessary

to seek the stillness

~ ~ ~

30 July

On Saturday I went to an old fashioned fireman's pump muster
this was the bus that transported one of the teams

I used waterlogue
and a few other apps that had filters
Also, I put this into one of the apps that has a depth of field
filter. It looks as if the bus is a toy but it is a full size bus.  I just play around with many of them until I find an image I like.
I layer them as well sometimes saving the image and then 
opening the new image up in a different app to edit it some more. 

app happy wednesday
outdoor wednesday
abstract wednesday 

29 july

Gerry 5

the old fire pump

at the Newbury muster

texture tuesday
texture twist
our world tuesday

28 july


27 July

every evening
i hear their screen door whack behind them 
as they walk the beach together  in the shallow of the waves holding hands 
 battered and blasted by the thrills 
where they have dabbled

they stand in the moonlight
finger by finger
they unfold their gift  and offer it to the universe

two stained hearts   in one hallowed center

once i thought that we were lost

now i know the universe
reveals itself
when raindrops fall on summer pavement

Sunday Whirl

27 July

scavenger hunt sunday

Jack's Eyes

Upside down
Seagull's breakfast 

From behind

at the beach


I'm not sure who Paul is but I sure wish he would pick up his cup. 

26 July

Not exactly modern architecture but it's not exactly ancient either. Everything is relative I suppose. 
My daughter Hannah getting wet at the beach. 

the saturday photo hunt wet
saturday's photo hunting
modern architecture

25 July


a bucket full of hermit crabs

Friday finds

24 July

hannah's hands

these were the hands that reached out for me at the very moment of your birth
i've held them in my own hands as you crossed the street 
or needed a bit of reassurance 
i've felt their soft and tiny fingers brush against me as i held you 
in the night
i've seen them wipe away tears you cried when sadness came
and circle around a steering wheel when you learned to drive
now that you are 26 
i don't see those hands as often 
as i'd like to
yesterday i sat on the beach and watched as they played with 
a pile of sand
and though you didn't notice
i was at once transported
marveling and humbled
at how much love 
one is capable of holding in a pair of hands

little things thursday

23 July


23 July

things boys speak of...

i used the isketch app for this
and then distressed fx
app-happy Wednesday

22 July

porch side

lazing on a sunny afternoon....
in the summertime in the summertime in the summertime

Texture Tuesday 

20 July

You once told me  that I had no passions

 now I know
 that my words hum with magic
While they swarm above the forest floor
And jump from low hanging branches 
  dancing in the twilight of what 
you only dream of 
I am a creature that thrives in the approaching  storm

You are without
you are without
you are without

sunday whirl

19 July

Bugs -our nick name for lobsters and they were so good. 

Donut in the car 

Full -my cup runneth over...


Scavenger hunt sunday

18 July

we walked over to the park to watch the women's softball game

and walked along the fence

and ate graham crackers

and drank ice tea with a straw

Friday finds

16 July

I used a few different apps for this.
unfortunately I can't remember exactly which ones.
next week I will be more careful to remember
in the meantime here is what I think I used
distressed fx
icolorama -i haven't really been able to figure this app out yet though

app happy Wednesday

15 july

my father's typewriter

When I was a girl my father typed a daily column for a Boston newspaper on an 
old school typewriter much like this one.
I remember hearing the sounds of his fingers on the keys as he typed.

texture tuesday

13 July


13 July

Jack in the Green

wind and water


Sally in the park



this one just didn't happen 

Scavenger hunt Sunday

11 July

They found themselves walking the beach in the aftermath of the storm.

friday finds

10 July

flowers on the kitchen table
one of my favorite little things

little things thursday
thursday favorite things