13 april

(my father is the center man in uniform)

my father was a sportswriter for the Boston newspapers

when we were young he would take us to the game

the red sox

Carlton Fisk
Luis Tiant
Carl Yastrzemski

they would take their turns around the bases

stiff wrists holding onto wooden bats

 I can hear the chanting of the crowds

in the moonlight of my memories

I swear

the sound of a baseball game 

is so deeply ingrained in me 

it brings me right back to 

my papa

sitting on the back porch 

listening to an old transistor radio on a porcelain table

Play Ball.....

only a brief story

in the limbo of my youth

almost gaudy in its melancholy

and then I tumble into home


  1. I think it is a beautiful tribute and memory..it can be sad but it is good to keep people we love with us

  2. Memories are wonderfully complex, emotive and fluid.

  3. How many will by reading this now recall those little triggers to our minds of our families members. I certainly did.

  4. You had a head-start in the game! One can be well conversant with the game and need not have to be a player. Wonderful write asos!


  5. Yeah, great memories and nicely fitted together.

  6. Oh, my! I can relate to this post. My father's first 'real' job was for the New York Times and he had hopes of working up to sportswriter. His neighborhood playmate growing up was Whitey Ford. He was an avid baseball fan ... New York Yankees, the Red Sox archenemy. But yes, the endless evenings listening to then watching baseball. The whole family {except my mother} were Yankees fans. When I married, my geography and my sports interests changed but the memories linger on.

  7. Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories.

  8. I think we all have memories that startle us with their emotive intensity. Very different, but with the same strong effect. The plop of a fish in a moonlit lake triggers a stillness of remembering for me. You have detailed a Universal reality. Thank you,


  9. Nice, this reminded me of the days I went with my dad to see the Mets.


  10. Such sweet nostalgia! Beautiful!

  11. What wonderful memories! You should link your poem to Poetry Jam. There are still a few hours left.

  12. oh wow...how cool would that be....
    would have been so cool to be around baseball like that
    growing up

  13. Wonderful memory poem. What an exciting childhood you had. And, ha, I can remember listening to baseball with my dad on transistor radios as well.

    (Thanks for linking to Poetry Jam!)

  14. Nice sense of nostalgia here in your words. :)

  15. My farther was a football coach so I know exactly what you mean. Just a different game. Great Poem


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